My breath tangled in my throat.

This would be a sure and sudden death. Preferable over the horribly drawn-out emotional death that I would endure over losing Marcus. That death would be certain and cruel. No way to fight it as it gnawed me apart slowly.

Dying at all was sadly inevitable.

But dying like this, quick and painful? It would be a horrible accident, noble even. Nothing ignominious.

Such an onrush of relief as I stared daringly into the bizarre and bloodthirsty face of my impending doom.


She wasn't supposed to remember him, but she does. And now her world is shattering all over again.

In the sequel to Pretty in Black, Eleanor races against time to save the vampire she loves while fighting her attraction for the gargoyle who is helping her master newly discovered Parevermore powers.

It all begins when a demon from the Nightly Shore Court threatens to rip apart her cheerleading friends; something in her awakens, allowing her to save them from the monster.

Only now, they can't remember ever being attacked. Questioning her world again, she begins a search for answers which leads her to the discovery that on her eighteenth birthday, she ascended.

Lenore might've been right after all, and Ellie just might have Evermore blood flowing through her veins.

After obtaining a book that teaches her everything she needs to know about being a Parevermore, she begins practicing her powers. But when an Evermore hunter witnesses her superhuman strength, her secret is exposed and her life takes a dangerous turn.

When both she and Walter, the new guy at school, are stabbed in the heart by a group of Evermore hunters, and survive, injury free, she realizes that he too, isn't human, and a high-flying adventure awaits, zooming her into the Land of Naught with a world of gargoyles.

From killing demons on a derailing clockwork train to escaping a crashing airship only to find herself plummeting into deadly turbulent waters where underwater sea creatures lurk, this death-defying journey will challenge her and possibly determine whether or not she belongs in this supernormal world.

But, no matter the consequences, she is determined to do whatever it takes to prove herself to her gargoyle guardian and get back to Nevermore before the clock strikes midnight, taking Marcus away from her forever.

What Readers are saying

“Gargoyles!! Yep! This book has Gargoyles! I've not read any books really with Gargoyles, so this was a very special treat. This book will have you going through time and space, and it does get a bit steampunk in certain areas.”—Liz Fictional Candy

“This book takes us to the next level. There is a lot more danger, more heartache, romance, and we get to see some more really cool places like The Land of Naught. I really enjoyed this book. In fact I liked it more than the first and can see my love for this series growing with each book.”—Amy Fournier Book Loving Mom

“Rae Hachton writes in a lovely, flowing style that paints pictures in your head of the events happening in the story. She has a lovely Gothic flare that stands out among today's young adult paranormal writers.”—Jennifer Waiting on Sunday to Drown

“I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! It is young, it is fresh, it is different. This is beyond vampires, beyond Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. The background of these characters will make it easy for any readers to relate to them. It is not about the monsters, but the situations that they are put through. It is that special, knowing that there is finally a series that I can relate my teenage self with.” —Lacey Homfeld My Book Blog

“Just like the first book in this series, 'Black Satin' is an enchanting story about a love that transcends everything - including time and death. I very highly recommend this series!” —Stephanie Ward A Dream within a Dream