Pretty in Black series Cover Reveal

Okay, Pretty in Black fans! 

I don't have official release dates yet, but I do have the covers! And Blurbs, and Teasers which you can find under the Teasers tab above! 

Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1) and Evermore (Pretty in Black #4) are already up for Paperback Pre-order on Amazon, with Black Satin and Raven in the Grave to follow shortly. 

I don't yet know when the e-books will be releasing because I'm still working on them, but I'm hoping to have that information soon-ish. 

Pretty in Black and Black Satin will probably re-release together, followed by Raven in the Grave, and then Evermore. Fingers crossed, there will be an Evermore e-book Pre-order this summer. 

The original e-books will automatically update. And then as I complete the others, I will immediately release those right after. Which means, if you bought the Omnibus edition, it WILL update too, but it will just take a little while longer, unfortunately, as I'll have to have all 3 books completed before I can release that particular edition. In the meantime though, if you downloaded the FREE original copy of Pretty in Black, you can go ahead and start reading the newer version! I promise, I will not make this take any longer than absolutely necessary. 

ALSO, you may have noticed that all my e-books spontaneously disappeared from everywhere except Google Play. Please do not be alarmed. I haven't gone anywhere, I'm just in my writing cave, making all my books super-super shiny! They will ALL be returning. You will not have to buy them again as they should automatically update once I upload them. And of course I will be here on release day and after to help troubleshoot or walk you through getting the new versions if there should be any trouble or difficulties. Thank you so much for your love, support, e-mails, reviews, messages and on-going enthusiasm! I could not have done this without you! Without further ado, here are the covers and the blurbs! 

Anna at Book Cover Couture did SUCH A STUNNING JOB!!! I LOVE THESE BOOK COVERS! Everything she creates is SO PRETTY! 


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On the day of her death, a seventeen year old cheerleader meets a vampire in the cemetery who saves her life.

I could hear him calling for me—I felt him in my blood. The possibility that Marcus could be a vampire had never occurred to me. Why would it? Not when everything about him seemed so utterly and breathtakingly human.

Seventeen year old Eleanor Piper was supposed to die that day. She was sure of it. Only . . . she didn't. Somehow, she awakens in the cemetery at midnight where she awkwardly meets an unusual stranger . . . whom she ends up foolishly kissing a few bantering minutes later.

What begins as a fun and quirky romance eventually grows into burning devotion as he peels apart her layers, learning the heartbreaking truth behind why she sleeps in cemeteries at night instead of going home, and he reveals to her that he is an Evermore-Strix hybrid who could go dark at any second.

As they slowly begin to trust each other, and he finally trusts himself with her, he whisks her away to the World of Nevermore—a world of Gothic castles, immortal knights, and a long history of angel-demon wars with the Nightly Shore Court on which a menagerie of bloodthirsty Strix monsters reign, determined to do anything in their power to take over Nevermore.

But just when Eleanor and Marcus feel like their dead hearts are beginning to heal, their haunting pasts—the nightmares which ultimately led them to each other—return and threaten to rip them apart.

Set in the southern Gothic town of Pine Hills, South Carolina, with the beautifully haunting backdrop of drooping Spanish moss and crumbling overgrown cemeteries, the world of reality and fantasy are about to collide, and Eleanor just might realize that the boundaries between life and death are closer than she ever imagined.

From this darkly romantic world of raven and crow shapeshifters inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Greek-Roman mythology, emerges a different take on the classic vampire.

RATED MATURE: A cross between YA and New Adult recommended for 17+ years old and up due to depictions of self-harm, mild violence, and lots of sexy kissing.


Black Satin (Pretty in Black #2)

WORKING BLURB (*Subject to Change*)

She wasn't supposed to remember him, but she does. And now her world is shattering all over again.

In the sequel to Pretty in Black, Eleanor races against time to save the vampire she loves while fighting her attraction for the gargoyle who is helping her master newly discovered Parevermore powers.

It all begins when a demon from the Nightly Shore Court threatens to rip apart her cheerleading friends; something in her awakens, allowing her to save them from the monster.

Only now, they can't remember ever being attacked. Questioning her world again, she begins a search for answers which leads her to the discovery that on her eighteenth birthday, she ascended.

Lenore might've been right after all, and Ellie just might have Evermore blood flowing through her veins.

After obtaining a book that teaches her everything she needs to know about being a Parevermore, she begins practicing her powers. But when an Evermore hunter witnesses her superhuman strength, her secret is exposed and her life takes a dangerous turn.

When both she and Walter, the new guy at school, are stabbed in the heart by a group of Evermore hunters, and survive, injury free, she realizes that he too, isn't human, and a high-flying adventure awaits, zooming her into the Land of Naught with a world of gargoyles.

From killing demons on a derailing clockwork train to escaping a crashing airship only to find herself plummeting into deadly turbulent waters where underwater sea creatures lurk, this death-defying journey will challenge her and possibly determine whether or not she belongs in this supernormal world.

But, no matter the consequences, she is determined to do whatever it takes to prove herself to her gargoyle guardian and get back to Nevermore before the clock strikes midnight, taking Marcus away from her forever. 

Raven in the Grave (Pretty in Black #3)

One Line Summary (Blurb Forthcoming)

In this third installment of the Pretty in Black series, Eleanor and her immortal friends fight a battle against the Strix demons on the Nightly Shore Court, unaware that an even bigger war is looming.






Evermore (Pretty in Black #4)

I was made to rule the darkness.

Eleanor Piper marries her vampire sweetheart knowing that she may not get a happily ever-after, but she is determined to challenge, and possibly fight against, the odds.

In Raven in the Grave, Marcus and Eleanor were crowned Dark Prince and Princess of Nevermore, a dream come true for the two fated lovers. It was supposed to be the beginning of their dark fairytale.

Now that Ellie has made her decision to marry Marcus and become a full Evermore, a shocking revelation threatens to destroy everything they've fought for. Her mortality stands in their way. What if she cannot become immortal? What if an event, far worse than any of them ever anticipated, shatters their world irreversibly?

One last decision will have to be made: Marcus Marble must become a monster in order to destroy one.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain—the consequences will be everlasting.

This is Forever.

*Update* The Omnibus edition, books 1-3. 



When are the books releasing?

Honestly, I do not know. I've marked the paperback Pre-Orders for October and November. The books might release before then, right on time, or sometime after. I am a solo team, meaning I handle every aspect of writing, editing, publishing, marketing, networking by myself. Because of this, I seldom have any free time, or ME time. Every open moment goes into producing these books, which means I am usually working 20/24 hrs a day. Yes, I work 20 hour days, sleep for four, and work some more. I squeeze in eating in there somewhere, and showering, but that's about it. If I'm not writing, I'm editing or researching or updating something. 

When you Pre-Order the book, you will not be charged until the book is ready to be released. Amazon (or another retailer) will only charge your card/account once the book is ready to be shipped.  

When will the e-book pre-orders be live?

EVERMORE'S Pre-Order will be available three or four months prior to its release date. Although I am hoping for an October 5, 2017 release, I won't be able to set an official release date until I have the line edits for that book on my desk and I know FOR SURE it is releasing when I say it is. 

Why isn't Black Satin or Raven in the Grave available for paperback pre-order?

Because I don't want to try too many things at once and get your hopes up in case something happens and I have to push back the release again. Once Pretty in Black is ready to be published, I will then set up the Pre-Orders for Black Satin and Raven in the Grave. 

Why did you delete ALL of your books from every online retailer (except Google Play)?

Because they suck and I don't want people reading or buying them right now. ALL of my books will be getting major revisions or they will be rewritten. 

I want professional, well-written, well-edited books. And that's what I'm working on and it takes a LOT of time. A good book cannot be written and published with lightning fast speeds. I know others might do it that way, and that's their thing, but I simply refuse to do so. I know EXACTLY what happens when a book is rushed. Nothing good. 

I left the books on Google Play so people wouldn't think I completely disappeared. I haven't gone anywhere, I'm just incredibly busy. 

Since you deleted the books, will I have to pay for them again? 

I didn't DELETE-DELETE the books, I retired them. This means, that when the NEW books are ready to be published, I will upload the NEW book in place of the old.

If you PAID for the book, you will NOT have to pay for it again. I can 100% guarantee you that Black Satin, Raven in the Grave, The Pretty in Black Omnibus Edition, and, in the future, The Summer of You and Me*, and Eternally, will be available for an automatic override from wherever you originally bought the book. However, I cannot ensure the same for Pretty in Black since it's been a FREE book since 2014. That will vary from retailer to retailer, possibly. If it does or doesn't, I will let you know closer to release date.   

If there's a question that hasn't been answered here, can I e-mail you?

PLEASE DO because I cannot think of everything. If there's a question you would like me to answer, send me an e-mail. 

top 5 things i am most excited about

😍 Besides having more Marcus scenes and scenes from his POV. 😍

1. The underwater scenes in Black Satin and Raven in the Grave. I've always wanted to write underwater scenes and while there is a water scene in Black Satin my favorite underwater scene takes place in Raven in the Grave. 

2. The cheerleading scenes in Pretty in Black, Black Satin, and Raven in the Grave. I love seeing Eleanor be so passionate about something she loves and following her dreams. This was missing from the original books. 

3. The vampire biting scenes. I'm sorry, but you just cannot have a vampire without the biting scenes. My favorite one takes place at the end of Black Satin. 

4. The new vampire mythology—they're not called vampires; they're called the Strix. And they're crow people or "demons" who are bloodthirsty and fanged. 

5. I love how there is more than just the Evermores/Strix and the Gargoyles. As the book series builds, we will be introduced to moooooore creatures that I think are really, really fascinating. 


wait for it . . . 

wait for it . . .











They're seriously all over the place in this book, and it's my favorite part. The school Eleanor attends is Home of the Black Ravens. The school colors are purple and black. She is a Lady Raven. She wakes up every morning to the sound of William Control narrating The Raven. She does a school project on Poe and Marcus takes her to Charleston, SC to visit the alleged Annabel Lee's Grave on one of their dates. Marcus is an Evermore, from the World of Nevermore aaaaaaand they have to fight the Strix who reign on the Nightly Shore Court. Located where? On Night's Plutonian Shore. 

Ravens, ravens everywhere. 

If you're a Poe fan, you might like this book, or at least have fun picking out all the little Poe-tastic references! 

Honorable mentions . . . 

There are also lots of references to Greek Mythology—especially Hades and Persephone and pomegranate seeds. 

And cemeteries. There are lots and lots of cemeteries because I have coimetromania and simply cannot help myself.

OH—The Raveonettes! are mentioned more than once because their music inspired many of the scenes in this series. 











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