2014 Reading/Writing/Blogging Challenge


Because I have a GAZILLION things to accomplish in 2014, I've jumped on board with BookishTreasure's 2014 personal goals challenge. 

There are books I need to write.

Books I would love to read.

And NEW SWAG that needs to be designed! 

Each month, starting in January, I will write up a post listing my goals and at the end of that month I will come back and let you know how I did and if I accomplished my goal(s). 

This will also mean Teasers, teasers, teasers! 

Because seriously, I have soooo many books that I'm working on. And I really need the encouragement! 

I'm already liking this challenge. 

It's a way for bloggers, readers, writers, and bookish peoples to have fun and support each other in reaching goals :) Sounds really fun! 

To join in on the challenge, SIGN UP HERE!