January Goals!

From The Reading/Writing/Blogging Challenge Hosted by BookishTreasures

Firstly, welcome to 2014!!! Who thinks this is going to be an amazing year?! I do!! 


Here are my goals for this month! 

  • Have at least one 10k writing day this month (at the most 2)
  • Finish writing my YA Contemporary Novel
  • Reach 100k on Evermore which will be a goal I've been trying to reach for quite some time! It'll be the most I've ever written on one book. Though, keep in mind I will still have quite a long way to go before the book will ever be complete!! So I'm going to actually end up surpassing my 100k book goal!!)
  • Create a list of Epic Battle scenes for my new series, along with creating new battle scenes for Evermore so I can finish the book. Because yeah, writing the battle scenes is my favorite part! 
  • Create some awesome new steampunk inventions to go in books!/Continue World Building my new fantasy series! 
  • Read a New Novel/Finish reading one of the novels I've already started
  • Write the Snow Prince Symphony—a Novella to my new series. 
  • Design New Swag! 

So yep. These are my goals. Let's do this!!