Evermore—10 snippets with gifs!

Hey guys! So I just got this super awesome idea to share snippets with you from my #WIPs as I cross the finish line on all 4 of them. 

I've created a page for each book. For every 5k I write on each book, I will post a new Teaser from that book along with a gif! 

I have 50k more to go on Evermore, so this means 10 teasers for you! You can find them all here, right on this page. 

I debated whether to do this or not. It might seem extra cruel to some of you, considering the book doesn't release until December of NEXT YEAR. But then again, that's subject to change at any time....so stay tuned! 

Here we go! 





Ellie's Transformation into a Vampire #1

December 8, 2013

In late November, it has begun to snow. Glistening snowflakes gently fall from a velvet sky, landing on my eyes, my lips, my cheeks, my arms. I reach up with my hands and it's almost as if I could touch the stars. Everything is winterland bright.

There is absolutely nothing monstrous about being a vampire. In fact, it's quite beautiful. 

I was made to rule the darkness.
— Evermore, Ellie Marble