A Revision on my January Writing Goals

 January update:

First: Here's how I feel about my NEW ideas. 



So, we're a little over halfway through the month or something like that. I wish I could say I have knocked out over half of my goals, but interestingly, my goals have somehow shifted all on their own. So here is a revision of my goals, which is gonna carry over into February.


  • -Eliminate my darlings on MS (PH-HA) so the real story will shine through, and then work on completing it.
  • -Write MS #2 as much as possible
  • -Write MS #3 as much as possible


And that's it. I'm bumping Evermore into later this year. There's still some skill sets that I must obtain in order to be able to reach my maximum potential and finish this book. There's some really badass scenes I wanna write, but I must learn how to achieve certain things when writing a realistic battle scene first. I want to bring the battle scenes to life, (movie style) not just skim over it, like what happened in Twilight: Breaking Dawn for example. Noooo.

All that's left on the book that needs to be written are the epic battle scenes that I've already sketched out.

So yeah, I have 3 EPIC YA/NA novels planned, but they are nowhere near finished, but they are going to be really, really, really, good when they are complete.

I do believe I have improved my craft and I've gotten better at writing than when I was 22. You see, when I was 22 and wrote Pretty in Black I had never really written a book before. I began writing as a poet and the transition from lyricism to prose ended up with me carrying over all of these pretty phrases and weird things that I incorporated into my writing that I thought was just “darling.” If you've read Frankie's Monster then you know what I mean.

But I am in no way mocking or knocking those books because I still believe they are epically good. But as I've grown, I've gotten more into awesome dialogue that makes characters jump off the page, and really good description that makes the reader feel like he's really there in the scene. Oh, and in my fantasy novels, I'm into writing explosive battle scenes. (And Steampunk is my new wild obsession that I just cannot get enough of, so be prepared for this.) I'm not even sure I'm writing steampunk in the “correct way.” I'm basically taking the concepts that make steampunk what it is, then warping, distorting, and molding that concept into something slightly different as I'm world building an alternative world located in the Pretty in Black Nevermore-Land of Naught area. So yeah, I'm still world building the Experiment in Black series. So far it's 6 books long with 4 actual books and 2 novellas. This won't release until next year though, because like I mentioned earlier, I'm learning new skill sets to bring the world to life.

I'm pretty sure there will still be a certain lyrical quality to my work, just not as “over the head” as before.

And I've never been a fan of “beating a dead horse,” so I'm always giving myself challenges and trying new things. I don't want to deliberately release a “new” book that's basically a rearrangement and repackaging of another previous book. Not even in the Pretty in Black series. I wanted each book to continue the story, but also I wanted each one to be its own distinguished thing. Have a different tone, etcetera. Y'know, just to keep it interesting.

So my focus for the first half of this year is writing these 3 EPIC CONTEMPORARIES because even though I LURV me some Fantasy, there's a BIG place in my heart for contemporaries. And I have 3 of them that I've fallen madly in love with.

Ooooo this is gonna be good guys. I promise.

But as I work on writing these 3 books, I am also gonna be world building my fantasy books in the background and jotting down scenes at random as they come to me so as soon as these 3 books are with my lovely editor, I can gear up (hahaha, gear up, get it? Steampunk?) to finish Evermore and write Experiment in Black which I've already started on anyway.