Eternally Told in Images & Quotes

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She was the flowers themselves. Beautiful, delicate, frail, sweet, flowered, and mortal. Perishable. Only here in my life for a season.
— -Eternally, Heath
“Catherine, I’m a nobody, but all I wanna do is waste away with you. Let me. When the summer ends, we can go our separate ways and you can pretend you never knew me.”
— -Eternally, Heath
Wearing a clean white tuxedo and violet tie, I climb into the hearse. Igniting the transmission, I depart from Withering House, determined to drive countless miles through the falling snow, down dark twisting paths surrounded by gloomy trees, on a haunted road of dreams, hoping it will lead me to Catherine.
— Eternally, Heath

“Look, you’re hot as hell. I’d bang you if ever given the opportunity, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you get away with touching my shit.”

She laughs. “Did you just say that?”

“Yeah? Is there a problem?”
— Eternally, Heath
“Don’t.” With a swift sway forward, I lifted her hand off my knee. She took it into her own and played with the silver skull ring on my thumb, twisting it back and forth. I allowed three intervals for her acute fascination with my ring before I grimaced and jerked away.
— Eternally, Heath

I’ll be right here on this Twilight Path, in my wedding dress, waiting for you, until you return for me. No matter how long it takes.
— Eternally, Catherine
I increase my speed as I fly down the road leading through the woods. I don’t consider the fact that I might wreck. What can hurt me? I’m already dead.

There’s gray and black everywhere I look. Trees with many branches and no leaves surround me. The fog envelopes me.
— Eternally, Heath
Gritty glam ring for a gritty glam queen.
— Eternally, Heath