Pretty in Black—Update Notification

How to get the updates and what has changed.

Nothing Major has changed—Just one name, and one scene. *Scroll down for scene* 

Giles has become Vincent, and the "Chosen One" and "Chosen One, Part Deux" chapters of Pretty in Black and Black Satin are now called THE HUNTER and have Vincent in them. 

I'm notifying every e-book retailer to see if you guys can get updates on your e-books. Below, I'm posting the chapter change so you will be able to follow the story line in Black Satin and Raven in the Grave without going—Huh? Who in the crap is Vincent? 

He's not a new character, he's just the dude who used to be Giles. I got sick of hearing the whole Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing. It got really old so I decided to change it. All the other scenes in Black Satin and Raven in the Grave with Vincent/Giles have not changed. They are the same. 

I thought this was an important change to make so I made it. It doesn't change the overall story line in any way. 

The Paperback Editions will unavailable for a while until all three get the same updates. 

I sincerely apologize to those who never had an issue with it to begin with, [& I didn't make this change to please the readers who wouldn't've liked it anyway] but there were more factors in play that influenced my decision to make this change. I figured if any changes needed to be made, I needed to do so before the release of Evermore. 

I have a tendency to be obsessive-compulsive; I have an almost overwhelming itch to reedit all three books. I noticed I do this really odd comma placement thing and it's annoying the crap out of me now, so I want to change that. 

There's a line from Pretty in Black that I obsessed over for nearly two hours, wondering why I didn't phrase it differently, and hoping it didn't render odd images in any readers' minds. 


I lay beside him on an unmarked and unadorned tombstone next to the iron cemetery gates—black and bedighted by beauty. 

THAT. SENTENCE. DROVE. ME. UP. THE. WALL. (If you can't see why, then I wanna give you a BIG HUG) 

so, of course I had to correct it. 


I lay beside him on a grave, below an unmarked and unadorned tombstone, next to the iron cemetery gates—black and bedighted by beauty. 

I still don't prefer the word below, but it's not next to, or beside, or underneath, (Because only the dead people are underneath) so I have to find a way to be content with below. 

And there's other parts of my books that I read over and go Wow, that could've used a longer or better description. 

My writing isn't perfect by far. I do odd things, phrase things oddly. I put commas in odd places. Sometimes my sentences are clipped or I miss out on technicalities and when I read over it, I wanna bang my head into the nearest wall repeatedly.

But it's raw. And it's representative of the writer I was at the time I wrote it. It's the best I could do at the age, time, and place in which I composed it. 

Yes, there have been times when I wanted to go back and change sequences, delete sentences, expand story lines, improve descriptions, but I haven't because I feel like I would be killing my 22 year old self who wrote those books. I would be killing a part of me and it wouldn't be fair to those who already love my imperfections as they are. 

I made a promise to myself and I'm making a promise to you, I am NOT going to change any elements of the original story—that would be like erasing the writer I used to be. At the time I wrote each book, I was writing to the best of my ability at the time, using the skill set I had at that time, and this is why I'm not changing any scenes of the book or the story line, but I will go back and change technical things like commas, periods, dashes, etc. 

With each new book, I want my readers to see how I've grown as a writer and say wow, she's improved or hey, she's not going that odd comma thing, or this has a much better pacing and there aren't that many staccato sentences this time. Or damn, she wrote a 200,000 word book and somehow managed to keep me entertained. 

And in 10 years from now, I don't want to cringe at how "bad" I was, but smile at how great I've become because I was willing to make mistakes, and willing to let someone read & possibly love my mistakes. 

So Thank You for Reading & Loving my mistakes. 


I walked home after the mini basketball game. I felt the strangest sensation that someone was following me, or that something sinister was in the woods. I did not want to turn around and look behind me. I gulped. I paused from walking and turned my head to look behind me.
As I had predicted, someone had been following me—an old man with long silver hair that was tied behind his head. His cherry-red coat scraped across the ground as he made his way towards me, keeping his eyes on mine.
My pulse quickened from fright. I turned around and accelerated my pace, walking away from him. I hadn't liked the way he'd been staring at me. But on a second thought, I wondered if he was following me, so I turned back around to see if he was still there, and he was. I started to run. I had ran about thirty seconds when my body collided with another person. When I looked up, that strange man stood before me, hands in his pockets.
Okay. What do you want, creep?” He stared down at me from his emerald eyes. A black crucifix draped from his neck.
You're exactly how I imagined you to be.” He pulled a photo from his coat pocket. “This is you, yes?”
Where did you get that picture of me? Are you stalking me?”
I’ve been looking out for you Eleanor for quite some time.” He spoke as if he knew me. He didn’t give out the vibe he was going to hurt me, but then again, that might’ve been the main thing that made him a predator, if he was one. I tested him.
Looking out for me? I don't even know you. Okay, this is it. I’m going to call the cops.” I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket.
He gently touched my hands with his to lower the phone out of view. “There’s no need.”
Then why are you here?”
What if I told you that you're not who you think you are?”
Then I would probably tell you that you're insane and you have exactly ten seconds to get lost before I do something which you're really not going to like.”
Your world is an illusion, and I can prove it.”
Prove it,” I challenged him.
Perhaps you're not ready to see the truth, but it will be unveiled to you soon enough.”
Yeah? And what truth might that be?”
You're a hunter Eleanor. An Evermore hunter. It's in your blood. It would do you well to put that attitude of yours to use, channel it elsewhere. Have you noticed anything strange going on lately?”
Besides your random ass showing up and sidelining me as I'm walking home? Umm, no, not at all. What makes you ask?”
Just then, a caw-caw filled the sky and I tilted my head upward to see a swarm of blackbirds.
With a finger, the man motioned toward the sky. “Have you been seeing a lot of those lately?”
Not at all,” I said. “There's so many.” I peeled my eyes away from the sky. “But this is awkward. Why am I standing here talking to you about birds?”
They're not birds, they're monsters, and you must destroy them.” He placed a crossbow in my hands. “Shoot. Go ahead. I want you to see what happens when you do.”
Are you crazy?! I'm not endangering an animal.”
You're the prey in this situation. He's the predator.”
Who's the predator?” He wasn't making any sense.
Take the crossbow and shoot. You will see what I'm talking about.”
I took it from his hands. “Fine, but I'm only doing this so you'll go away.”
To humor him, I pivoted, pointing the weapon upward and selecting a target. I was sure there was no way I could launch an arrow or dagger that high into the sky anyway. Without thinking too much about it, I let go, and the arrow shot through the air, piercing one of the birds. I hated the terrified sound it'd made.
I shoved the crossbow into the strange man's chest. “There. Satisfied? Thanks for making me feel like shit today. I think I killed an innocent bird.”
Right on target.”
I turned back to see what had happened to the bird. It was still struggling to fly. I'd clipped it's wing and the bird flailed from the sky. A horrific screeching sound filled the atmosphere and then all at once, the blackbirds swerved downward toward me and I thought they were going to attack. I ducked, falling backward onto the ground. Nothing but a swirl of black. The birds encircled me. At any other time, I would've screamed. I'd seen plenty of Hitchcock to know this wasn't exactly a good scenario to find oneself in, but I didn't feel unsafe. I felt...calm. Yet, at the same time, I knew there was about this situation. I'd attacked one blackbird and they'd all flew toward me as if in defense of the injured bird. As though the birds were intelligible.
At the last second, they all flew away, scattering across the sky.
Whoa…” I breathed. “What just happened?”
You just claimed your true identity,” the man spoke. “Because you’re the strong one, you have amazing reflexes. You won’t need that much training.”
Training? Training for what?”
To kill the Corvidae. The monsters.”
Monsters? There are monsters, that need to be killed?” I rubbed my head. I must be hallucinating.
Yes,” he said, matter of fact tone edging his voice. “Mad men. Shape-shifters. Destroyers of life. Violent killers.”
And you need me, a girl who already has enough problems on her plate, to kill them?”
Of course. While you may fear the evil, you have the amazing ability to stand against it. You have courage.”
Well, I don’t want to fight these ‘monsters’ okay?”
You have to. You don’t have a choice.”
Hey, this is my life. I can choose to do whatever I want, and I choose not to go along with this nonsense.”
This is a matter of kill or be killed. They are going to descend.”
I stood back on my feet and crossed my arms over my chest in disbelief and annoyance. “What is your name and what psych-ward did you escape from yesterday?”
My name’s Vincent Corvinian, but sometimes I am called Vance.”
Good afternoon, Vincent. I’m leaving.”
He handed a bag to me. “Here. Take these with you.” Vincent held my gaze and something within me told me he was serious. I took the bag—which was filled with different types of daggers, arrows, and knives—from him. “You might want to keep them sharp.”
I don’t even know what these monsters look like.”
Yes you do. They're the blackbirds, the Evermores. They are shape-shifters, morphing from monster to man as their disguise. When it happens, you kill them. Your instinct will be your guide.”
Whatever you say, you strange, strange man.
The cool breeze blew and when I glanced to the side, the bird which had fallen from the sky disappeared into an inky purple-black mist, and was blown away on the wind.
Perhaps something unusual was going on.