The Midnight 10k


I'm working on 8 books at once! I'm crazzzzzy I know. But I've been splashing down dialogue, ideas, and scenes as quickly as they come, on each book. My MUSE has me in kamikaze mode. I've shuffled my novels around a bit, working on one here, one there, until one of them rises to the top of the list and begs for my attention. For the last week or so, it's been ETERNALLY #1 so I'm about to go HARD on it right now so I can move on to the next  project that I'm itching to write and finish. (Experiment in Black #3) 


In which I aim to turn THIS 

30680 / 60000 words. 51% done!

Into THIS! 

40000 / 60000 words. 67% done!

I'll be live updating this blog with my progress each hour on the hour, right HERE so you can see if I #win or not.  I'll also update on my twitter feed #Midnight10k 

Beginning NOW!

11:31 p.m.—headed into kitchen to pour me some Pink Lemonade, then back to my writing room. Grab my notes, headphones and i-pod. Turns on playlist. HERE WE GO. 

12:48 a.m.—The first 1k is done! YAY! We are now at 31,682. Let's go for another 1k, shall we? YES! But first...refill on my lemonade! 


  1. Male POV!!
  2. it's also UPPER YA. (I'm not calling it "New Adult" because there isn't a lot of sex scenes which is what now, for some reason, is commonly expected from "New Adult."  This book just has some mild profanity and perhaps a heated make out session or two. Or three. or TEN! 
  3. It's a ROMANTIC HORROR! Can I get a Hell yeah?!
  4. It takes place in 1998! I was probably like maybe 10 years old in 1998? But I LOVE THE 90s! 90skid for LIFE! 

Okay! So it's 12:56 which means I better get back to my word document and go up for another 1k! 

1:59 a.m. WE HAVE THE 2k DOWN! We are now at 32, 687! Whooo-hoo! 8k more to go! Round three coming up! 

FUN FACT: My Gothic Boy in this novel IS AFRAID OF THE DARK! SHHH! It's a sekrit! Tell NO ONE or he'll be very mad at you! 

3:15 a.m. I've now mastered 3k. Word Count Total: 33,905! 4k here we come. My next update won't be until about 4:30-ish because it's now 3:30 so I'm about 15-30 mins off my hourly schedule. I want to at least make it to 7k. 

4:23 a.m and 4k is done! Word Count Total: 34,944 and I am officially scared by my own story. Jeez-us. My characters are far my braver than I am. Some creepy things are going down and they're choosing to explore this haunted place anyway. No way! I'd totally be outta there. Going up for 5k down and we're halfway there! Next update will be at 5:30-ish. 

5:05 a.m. BOOM. 5k! Word Count Total: 35, 756! I've hit the halfway mark! 



6: 30 a.m. I've made it to 6k! Word Count: 36,745! But now the sun is headed up so the #Midnight10k is now moving to the #Morning4k! And I'm off! 7k here I come! :D 

8:14 a.m. and I now I have 37,683. 7k is complete! Can I do 8k? :D #Morning4k 

9:02 a.m. and I've crossed the 8k line, giving me a word count of 38,749. Going in for 9k now! I can't stop when I'm this close!!! 


10:05 and I have 40,002. Now I'm going to bed. 

40002 / 60000 words. 67% done!

akeaways from this experience: I MUST...

  • Must be really, really, really excited about the book
  • Must be extremely bored and in a great mood
  • Must know exactly what I'm writing before I write it. Having the notes helped. 
  • I must really, really, really wanna accomplish this goal. 
  • And all of this must happen when it's NOT during #NaNoWriMo because that's always a major #fail for me.