Free Preview of Eternally Now Available + A Delicate Reminder

For my readers who've been curious about one of my upcoming releases, a free preview of Eternally is now available HERE

A preview of Evermore is also coming soon!!! 

Eternally should appear in a few weeks on B&N for Pre-Order as well as Kobo, in paperback (B&N) and e-format. (Nook & Kobo). Evermore will appear the same way, too :) 

As soon as those versions of the book go live, I will let you know!

_____Most people don't need the delicate reminder, however, I'm assuming some do. I highly doubt it's any of my readers though! :D So you can skip this. _____________

Now, for the delicate reminder: As I realize, not all readers are aware of the existence of "Free Previews" for upcoming books. Publishers are able to set up Pre-Orders for upcoming titles as well as decide whether or not they would like to release a free preview of those upcoming titles. Some do, some don't. It varies. Some publishers prefer Kindle Pre-Orders instead. It's usually a decision made by the marketing department. 

My publisher, Teen Pulse, opted for the Pre-Order on the paperback edition and a preview copy of the book, or an AEC (Advanced Excerpt Copy). 

Downloading a free preview of any book is absolutely optional, and all of these are distinctly labeled as such, to prevent confusion. Half of the time, unless two books of the same title (the physical copy + e-copy) are linked together, you'd have to do a search with the key words "Preview" or "Sampler" to even find such results. 

An Example, asides from my own book of course, would be one from Dangerous Creatures—which I'm totally ordering, btw. 

Thank You! or as Sadie Saxton likes to say: 

You're Welcome.