The Raveonettes—The Best Band in the World @TheRaveonettes

They are seriously the BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. They are it for me. My fave, fave, fave. I really, really wanna see them play live in Chicago this year, but I already know I'm probably not gonna be able to because I'm broker than broke. But One day, though. One.Day. 

If you haven't heard them, immediately stop everything you're currently doing and give them a listen. 

They have a new 2014 album coming out some time this year. I cannot wait. Anytime I am experiencing a literary block and cannot write, one of their songs usually helps me figure things out in some shape, form, or fashion. So this 2014 album is pretty darn important to me because I have two contemporaries that are giving me hell, and I know that once I hear their music, everything will make sense again. It's like it's always right on time, too.

Let me give you the rundown. Okay, so back in 2011, when I decided I would write a book, I seriously had no clue what I was going to even write. 

And then...One song changed all of that for me. This song right here. The song from their Raven in the Grave album, which became Marcus's and Ellie's song.

Here's the Official story: If you're already familiar with it, then skip down below, because I'm going to continue telling you how in love (obsessed) with this band I am. 

Pretty in Black is the first book in the Gothic Romance series. The story behind how the series came to be is just as haunting as the story itself. The idea came to me late one night in March 2011 while I was hanging out in an old cemetery with some friends, on a Ghost Hunt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of an apparition. Sitting on top of a grave, were two lovers-- a guy and a girl. I watched their interactions with one another and immediately, I wanted to know two things: What were they doing in this cemetery so late at night and Why did their embrace look so tragic? 

They were leaned against the stone, in their own little world. And to this day, I still do not know if they were real or not, but they became the characters of this story. I remember the ride home clearly. I was intrigued. I sat in the backseat, writing notes to myself on my phone about what I'd just witnessed. Two days later, I began writing the story. It just hit me. And after hearing My Time's Upby The Raveonettes--a song off their album Raven in the Grave, the rest of the story just fell into place. 

Marcus Marble began as a regular dead guy. I never really liked vampires, but a daydream I had back in high school led me to the idea of creating the Evermore. Vampires who can come out in the sunlight, have no desire to drink blood, and are warm to the touch. 

Edgar Allan Poe also played a major role in the creation of the dark worlds of Nevermore and The Land of Naught. 

Pretty in Black is just the beginning. Enjoy! --Rae Hachton

Walter Rose Wagner—The gargoyle from Black Satin? Yep, he's named after Sune Rose Wagner from the Raveonettes. 

The first three names of the Pretty in Black books are named after an album, a song, and another album by The Raveonettes. Pretty in Black, Black Satin, and Raven in the Grave, are all titles which came from The Raveonettes. After trying to come up with a good title, I was glancing through music on my i-pod and I was like, huh, well, these sorta match. So I just went with it. 

But that's not all.

I have a really bad ass book in the works (will probably release in 2016) called OBSERVATOR. Yep, it's named after their previous album, and the entire album itself is basically the soundtrack to the entire plot. Oh, and Sharin, one of the characters appearing in the novel, is named after Sharin Foo from The Raveonettes. 

Look how Knarly they are. You should go follow them and everything. 

Look how Knarly they are. You should go follow them and everything. 

Still not all.

I have a Pretty in Black spin-off series called EXPERIMENT IN BLACK which is named after another one of their songs. 

Their songs aren't in any way related to the actual plot of my novels, like...they don't match or anything. It's just something that keeps happening. Because I'm in love with them. 

Oh, and incidentally:

1. They are Eleanor's favorite band

2. They play at her prom. (Well, I think their music plays at her high school dance and her prom, but in the movie, I would actually want them to play live, because that would be super kewl.) 

Here's the first song by them I ever heard. This is the song that made me fall in LOVE, and then like the fangirl I am, I had to own like every song they ever made.

One more thing: There is this other book, A New Adult Contemporary that I'm working on, that is named after one of their songs. The book's going to be super awesome, but I can't give you the name of it just yet though. So this is a TBA. 

But on that note, I'm going to stop now, because I just realized I have a TON of books I need to write.