I was chased by a hearse tonight. #TeaserTuesday

Eternally Teaser #2

I was chased by a hearse tonight, Catherine. It ran me off the highway, and chased me through the field. I'm so glad to have made it here safe.”
What?!” she says. “You were chased. By a hearse. That ran you off the road?”
I look up at her through strands of my dark hair and glare. I'm not too pleased. “No,” I tell her sarcastically. “I just made all of this up to get your attention.”
You mean that hearse out there, at Rue Morgue? The broken one that hasn't ran in years? That's the one that chased you?”
Now I'm just upset that she doesn't believe me. “Look, I know you think I'm crazy, or hallucinating or that it's the drugs. But I'm serious. Maybe if you hadn't come around me telling all of those scary stories—”
“—You're blaming me?” she quirks an eyebrow. “You're the one who was all like “drag me all over the place, I'm so there.” She laughs.
Well you're the paranormal genius, so it's up to you to save me. If you don't and I die or something, I will haunt you forever for doing a shitty job.”
Don't worry,” she says, smiling. “I won't let anything happen to you.” Her hand rests on my leg. I wonder if she even notices it.
I'm counting on it.”