Eternally Teaser #1

Here is the first official Teaser from the upcoming book: Eternally—Wasteland. 

Teasers will appear every Tuesday until Release date, which is scheduled for Oct 21. 

Soda pop is bad for your teeth and your bones,” she says as she scans the Dr. Pepper. Then she rings up the batteries and the Beef Jerky and drops both into the brown paper bag. “It'll be $7.84, miss.”
What? I'm a dude. Can't she tell by my voice? It was deep and masculine. Was she trying to be funny? Was she doing it deliberately to make me mad? Get a reaction?
I'm a guy.” I reach into my back pocket for my wallet. I pull out a ten and pass it over to her. She snatches it out of my hand.
Well you look like a girl to me.” She punches in the register, slides the ten under the money slot, and counts out my change, laying it on the counter.
I take much offense to that,” I say, scooping up my change. I gather it and smash it down into my pocket. She then thrusts a receipt in my face.
You're wearing eyeliner and you need a haircut.”
I don't take unsolicited advice. Just do your job, Lady.” I grab my bag and the receipt, then head to the door.
Hey!” she calls. “Do you wanna donate a dollar to the unfortunate kids?”
I am an unfortunate kid.” I push the door open and bolt.