I was going to sleep one more night in that creepy old dark house. #TeaserTuesday

Eternally Teaser #3

“It's okay, Heath. You can hold my hand.” She entwined her fingers with mine and they stayed that way until we got to her house.
She didn't let go of my hand when she said, “So...are you really going to leave?”
I paused. I really needed to, but...I didn't want to. Not yet. I didn't know why, but I had the strangest feeling. I might like this girl. Everything inside of my gut told me I'd be stupid not to stay, but my mind screamed what are you doing?! You can't be with her, man. You're not right for her. Your whole life is messed up. But here I was, holding her hand. And she was holding mine. And this was the most secure and stable I'd felt in years. I just felt...free. Not the floaty I'm on drugs kind of free, but the someone's looking at the real me kind of free—the kind where the other person knows who you are, but it doesn't change anything.
And she knew I was no one. How could she not?
One more day,” I said. I wanted to see her smile again. “I'll stay for one more day. That's it though. Tomorrow night, I go.”
She smiled as if I'd told her I was staying all summer. That's how wide and bright her grin was. And I had no idea why the thought of me staying here made her so happy. Just yesterday, she'd told me to get out and disappear.
Just yesterday I was going to.
Today, I wasn't so sure.
Neither was she.
Something had sparked and I didn't know what.
But whatever it was held power over me, because I was going to sleep one more night in that creepy old dark house.
And that said a lot.