A Post on my Book Releases (With Gifs)

Okay. So it's September, and some of you are probably curious as to which books of mine are going to be releasing, and trust me, I have a ton.  My book characters have battled it out with me ALL THE WAY for attention. They were demanding  their stories to be told. The Struggle is/was REAL. I've been writing all year, and I've started/stopped so many books, it's crazy. 

If you're wondering what's going to release this year/early next year, without further ado, here are the lucky winners. (The rest of my characters are playing Battle Royale in my head) 

Heath and Catherine have officially won over everyone else, and fought for their spot over Marcus and Ellie from the Pretty in Black series. (Yeah, I know, right?)  Heath and Catherine would seriously go hard if they were in The Hunger Games. I just had to give in. They wouldn't leave me alone. 

ETERNALLY #1— October 21, 2014 is the Official Release date. If it's pushed back, it won't be pushed back any further than November 2, 2014. 

I don't want to promise anything that I'm not sure if I can deliver, so as of this date, as far as I know, nothing else will release this year. However, if it did (and it's probably not) we would get a December release on my NA Contemporary. Speaking of which—

NEXT—we have a NEW ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE called OUR BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE. I'm SUPER EXCITED about this one!! Take a look! (Since I don't do cover reveals, here is this one) 

You can click the cover to add it to your reading list now :) 

A PEOPLE COVER! A PEOPLE COVER! can you believe this madness?! 

Set for April 2015 for now. 

OKAY—now for my Pretty in Black people, who are probably upset with me (I promise, it's not my fault!)    I cannot give an official release date for EVERMORE, but don't push the panic button, because IT IS COMING! Here's how that's going to work. As soon as this Ah-Mazing (if I do say so myself) Finale is in its final form, I'm hitting the publishing button. That could be in December, it could be next weekend, it could be in January. Who Knows? I really, really don't. If you sign up for my mailing list though, as soon as it's ready, I will definitely notify you. Because we've got this:




Impale me....


I'm writing the last parts of it now. Writing battle scenes is hard, okay? :) I've been working on Evermore now for almost three years. I have a very specific vision for this book, and it just takes time for it to all come together beautifully. 

After those three books are published, there's like a lot more coming out right after, but I'm gonna stop right here, because I think this is a good stopping place.