HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARCUS MARBLE & a few other awesome things :)

FIRST THINGS FIRST:  ☆   ☆   ☆   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARCUS MARBLE  ☆   ☆  ☆  & Incidentally, to myself :D because we share a birthday. 


Secondly, THANK YOU to those who messaged me and asked me why I'm not updating on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. I was finally able to admit something. I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY. And right now, everything just feels so overwhelming, and I will tell you why within the next 2 posts. 

SO far, I've been trying the social media thing with INSTAGRAM and I am getting there, guys. I PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE to do better next year. And if I don't post stuff, don't hesitate to message me and be like HEY, what are you DOING? You promised. And then I'll totally have to do it then because I HAVE to keep my promises, someway, somehow. 

I owe you guys EVERMORE and the ETERNALLY sequels and I am working my butt off on that and  ☆   ☆  ☆   THANK YOU!!!  ☆   ☆   ☆  for being so incredibly patient and amazing when I've been saying every year that EVERMORE is coming and then letting you down. YOU ARE MY ROCK STARS. 

SO: The THIRD thing is this: There are currently— as of 1:37 a.m. December 31, 2015 — 207, 110 books of mine out there in the hands of readers who I am SUPER excited to interact with. 

I just spent the first few hours of my birthday calculating the numbers, and, I know, that doesn't seem like such a big number to write home about or anything because there are tons of authors who sell more than that everyday, every year, and not all of those were purchased books, some I gave away for free (the number is a combination of free books and purchased books) but in the end, I'll take THAT over obscurity ANY DAY. Wanna know why??? 

Last year, I made $500 all year on book sales. YUP, I know. TERRIBLE. But it could've been worse, and this year, it was WAY BETTER. 

AND I've been in a dark place for the past two years and it's just now starting to LOOK UP and I have YOU to THANK for that. 

SO, all in all, Pretty in Black is doing relatively well. To be honest, it's doing better than I thought it EVER would. AND GOOGLE PLAY IS BAE!!!!! SO FAR, there are 13,009 reviews & ratings displaying and I'm sure there will be more coming in soon, whether good or bad, because there are a crap ton of books out there. Well, in my little world, this is a big number LOL, in comparison to several years of nothing. :) 

Thank you to everyone who posted a review or gave a rating! VIRTUAL HUGS TO ALL OF YOU. OMG. If only there were that many numbers on GOODREADS right now. 

I still believe in this book and in this book series. And until this year, I hadn't been giving it the love and attention it truly deserves, and every single one of you helped wake me up so I could realize that. 

OKAY, so I have a LOT more to say, but I'm going to divide it into 3 separate posts so that way it's not so much at once.