My writing Life so far: a letter, written by my future self, about my past self, and addressed to my present self. (Hope that makes sense.)

Here's how it will happen: 

Write a book called Pretty in Black by candlelight during the 2011 April blackout after storms hit the south.

Have zero clue what you're doing and jump in there and self-publish it anyway. (And it's a terrible book. Ugh. But you're an adventurer and you're daring, on the good days.) 

Put it on a blog tour in 2012 and have a handful of bloggers refuse to tour it, (can you blame them?) but everyone else gives it 3 stars or more; overall, the tour will turn out to be great and many will think it has potential. You'll even make awesome blogger-author friends along the way.

Secretly be writing book two while book one is still on tour and zip off the file right after you're done, because you know, it totally works that way. (NOT, and you will realize the HARD WAY what rewriting actual means in 2015.) 

Write book 3 that same summer and publish it also.

Make like maybe $50 if even that much the entire year.

In 2013, you will write another book, but it'll still be bad and this time you won't really tell anyone about it, promote it, or do anything a real author should even do. And 2013 will pass, but it will be a very rough year for you.

2014 will arrive and be mostly a repeat of 2013. Another book will be randomly published and you will be writing the fourth book of PIB. At the end of 2014, you promise yourself that 2015 will be your year. You also promise the readers who've been graciously reading your series that book 4 will release in 2015.

The sunlight shines upon you girl in 2015 because oh my goodness you have a LOT more readers this year. And you've made money from your writing.

Book 4 doesn't release and your readers are sad, but you realize this is a good thing because for whatever reason, these amazing people actually like what you've created. And they will be the stars in the dark sky that will get you through this, because —

Things will darken (a little) near the summer of 2015 because you realize how terrible your books really are, but you promise yourself that you will make them better.

Launch a rewrite of the entire series thus far in July 2015.

Cry, write, eat to survive. Cry some more. And then smile, smile, squeal because You've DONE IT. You've surprised yourself with the rewrites. And now your miserable less than or equal to 50k word book is now an astounding 160k+ word book and is everything you never thought it would ever be.

Realize you will have to pull off this rewriting magic 3 more times, but you're totally overjoyed about it and you're already in LOVE with the new STEAMPUNK world building for the LAND OF NAUGHT. 

You have promises to readers and yourself to keep, and an author career to steer in the right direction, and a Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, and basically an entire social media sphere that needs attention from you.

Click your shoes together, wave your magic wand, do whatever it takes and anchor down. We're going on an adventure called 2016. Just wait. You will see. YOU WILL SEE.