Evermore is releasing October 1, 2015

I found these awesome images on Pinterest; they aren't mine 


Here are all the questions I've been asked in the last 2 weeks and their answers :)


When is your birthday: December 31, same as Marcus's

Your favorite song: Anything by The Raveonettes and Don't Fear (The Reaper) The HIM cover

Favorite Color: Pink/Black

Holiday? Christmas (Especially when it's snowing) and Halloween. Ultimate Bonus: Halloween on Christmas

Do you believe in Vampires and Gargoyles? Or ghosts? I'm a Dreamer :)

Where in the world are you?? Alabama, USA. And I have a Southern Accent LOL

Does Ellie end up with Marcus Marble in the Pretty in Black series: I would never dream of placing her anywhere else. No matter what happens, she will always belong with him; they'll always belong to each other.

When is Marcus's and Ellie's Wedding/Honeymoon?! October 31

Are they going to make love or fade to black? You'll get to decide :)

When is Evermore releasing?! OMG, when? Okay, okay, okay! I finally have a release date. OCTOBER 1, 2015 it'll be perfect for the weather/atmosphere of the book, and so you can enjoy their honeymoon along with them :D Also, it'll probably take you until October 31 to get to the honeymoon scene LOL. This is a loooooooooooong book. BUT—if anything should change with this release date schedule, I'll let you know. Hopefully, I won't have to push it back for any reason.

Okay, so what does the cover look like? I wanna see! The cover has not been finalized yet; I'm still trying to decide on the design. But you'll see it as soon as it goes up for either Pre-Order or for sale.

Why October 1 though? That's so far away! The book is sitting at the 200k word mark and has to go through several rounds of revisions and edits before it becomes everything I've envisioned it to be; I started working on Evermore back in 2012, so there's 2.3 years (or something like that because I'm not good with exact math) of my writing style in this book, which has drastically changed in the last two years, considering I've been able to go from writing 65k books to 200k books. My vision of the book changed as well mid-way through. I want to place the best book as possible in your hands, because it's your money, your time. Also, I believe the other books in the series could've been better had I taken more time with them. But we live, we learn. I wrote and released the best books I could at the age I was when I first released them, and that's what I'm doing now :) There's a lotta things in my own writing I wanted to work on and improve and since I know better, I wanna do better. Y'know?

PS: Evermore is 20,000 words larger than Breaking Dawn. So yeah.

Why aren't you Facebooking? I'm not Facebooking because I'm working on getting this book in your hands. But I wish I did have someone to help me run the Pretty in Black page. If you're a fan of the series, and are familiar with Facebook and wanna help me keep the page updated with fun content, do not hesitate to contact me. Drop me a message. I'd love to hear from you and collaborate on awesome ideas to get this page up and officially running. And I'd be eternally grateful. :D

But please note: if you're interested, it's volunteer only. BUT—I'll pay you with my enthusiasm and swag and signed book copies :D

And YES, I've designed swag, but have not order any yet but will eventually get around to doing so. SWAG SNEAK PEEK! (And of course I'll have to figure out what to do with all this swag once it's in my hands HINT-HINT. #giveaways)