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Hey!! I am still deep in to the Evermore revisions. I'm aiming to finish round 2 of revisions so I can start round 3 in early April. And then maybe after that, editing can begin. AND, during the time I'm doing all of this, I'm gonna be taking breaks to SEND YOU MY AUTOGRAPH. If you want it, that is, of course. A few lovely readers have asked me for it, but since I cannot yet make it out of my chamber to physically travel and do book signings, I'm gonna send it to you digitally.

I know there is this website called AuthorGraph that enables authors to send signatures, but I'm gonna rock this signing thing directly from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and it's gonna be my actual digital signature. I also might doodle, even though I suck at it.

Here's how this works. FILL OUT THE FORM on the left, and once I get your e-mail, I'll sign my autograph and send it back to you. You can choose if you want the file in image or PDF. You can upload the PDFs to Kindle, Google Play Books, and probably even other e-readers as pictured below. With the image, you can print it out and stuff.

I have no idea how many requests I'll get, so it may or may not take a little while for you to receive a reply back with your signature, but I'll get around to everyone who makes a request :)