Pretty in Black is Getting a Revamp

FIRST . . . 
Because this might be one of my favorite parts of the new version of this book.
You've already heard the “Bad” news
EVERMORE didn't release in October. Its release has been hereby postponed and I will not attach a set release date for it until the final version is in my hands.
But rest assured, this book is still releasing. Its messy third draft is waiting patiently for me to finish the rewrites of the first three books.
The GOOD news
Pretty in Black is getting a major revamp. Yes, you heard that correctly. Too late to protest and try to stop me because I've already rewritten the book and Black Satin rewrites are in queue. 
I've been kicking my own derrière since early April of this year and teaching myself how to write, but, But, BUT! You guys, this could be awesome.
In one of the reviews I've received from readers, I remember one back in 2011/2012 that remained with me.
To NOVELS ON THE RUN — I'm copying and pasting your blog comment here; I hope you don't mind. I've read it at least a hundred times, and every time I feel like tossing in the towel, I re-read it.
I do understand the mixed opinions. This is why I say it has awesome potential this series. Sometimes a cuddle from a very good editor will make a massive difference. It has that ‘something’. I didn't go crazy on my rating and review as it does need a snuggle from an editor, but the basis is WOW!
Thank you for being one of the first original readers of this book.
I want to take the basis of what I originally created and breathe new life into it. It's finally getting that cuddle because I decided to snuggle my own damn book, LOL.
And the e-mails, comments, and reviews I've received from all of you have inspired me to stick it through.
And I'm not just talking about the good reviews (the ones who rated it higher than 3 stars deserve cupcakes and a party, because how?) or even the semi-good reviews. It's the other reviews that have helped me most. The 1 star and no star reviews. I'm not calling them negative reviews because they can't be negative if they're helping me create a positive.
THANK YOU, not only for seeing the potential in this series, but for pointing out where it lacks, and why you hated it and threw it across the room, or all the reasons you almost loved it. And the ones who do love it — you guys are my ROCK STARS.
I know that a book will never please 100% of the people, but want to be able to sleep better at night knowing I've put the best possible work of mine out there in this world, and that the ones who do like it have the best possible version of it. Of course there's still going to be people who don't like it, that's only natural, but I have to like it. If the author doesn't like her own book, something is wrong. And that's when I woke up in the middle of the night and the little voice in my head went change it!
If I didn't believe in it, and if I didn't think there are people out there who still believe it it, I would not be putting in these sleepless nights, I would not keep scratching stuff out and starting over and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting. I would've spent my summer doing something else instead so I could feel like a person who has all her crap together.
But I believe in my story so I'm putting in the work and giving it the polish up that it needs. Deserves. Bare minimum isn't good enough.
I wrote Pretty in Black at a relatively young age (I think I was 19?) when I didn't know anything about writing at all.
Do I regret it? No, because I have something here I can turn into something that might be kind of awesome when I'm done with it. If I'd never taken that first journey out of fear it was going to suck, I wouldn't have a book series I can work with now. I've learned things along the way, things I would've never learned had I been afraid.
I allowed it to suck. I admit it.
The Truth is, it's not really that good, but it can be. It can at least be better than it is.
For those of you who loved it the first time around, I can't wait to see what you think about the updated version. Perhaps your opinion won't change!
A review of what I've done so far: 
My number one goal was to erase any lingering similarities to (apparently) Buffy and Twilight.
Boom. Done. 
(It still seems vaguely Twilight-y to me without actually being Twilight. I've eradicated as much Twilight as possible, considering it's a lo and behold “vampire” book, but there came a point when I was like, enough already, SM doesn't own vampires.)
Second goal: Show the building and development of Marcus's and Eleanor's relationship, but also their individual lives whenever they're not together — basically round out their characters more. I've discovered a series of new exciting things which I didn't know about them! Also dates. They HAVE to go on dates so we can steer away from InstaLURV.
(There's a whole post I'm writing on InstaLURV.)
I'm keeping the Poe and Shakespeare references, and I'm also bringing out more of the awesome Greek Mythology upon which a lot of it is based. Also, I've decided to differentiate the Evermore from the vampire. The Evermore isn't a vampire. The Evermore is The Evermore, descendant from the vampire. I'll try my best to be super clear on what this means this go around.
The challenge of rewriting this book presented itself when I had to find a way to keep Pretty in Black the same but different at the same time.
I didn't want you to re-read the books and go: This isn't Pretty in Black! This isn't what I read before!
I wanted it be recognizably Pretty in Black, so no, of course I'm not changing everything. In fact, a lot of the original “scenes” remain the same, but are extended and have been repurposed to actually matter. Oh yeah, and they're actually scenes now instead of vignettes or whatever.
The story line of the series has not changed either. All of the events are the same. It'll be more like reading the same book, but with extra, more delicious content.
No worries. If you've bought/downloaded the e-books, you will not have to purchase them again. There will be automatic updates, and the new version will download to your device. (At least this is what I'm counting on. We'll figure it out because we're awesome :)
So if you've read Pretty in Black and you've concluded that you hate it, you could consider not deleting it from your device right away. You still might hate it the second time around, but then again, you might not. I dunno, but possibilities are awesome, right?
I want to share with you all the things. But I'm only allowed to tell you very little at this time. I can only reveal a few changes to the manuscript but as soon as I'm able, I'm gonna blow up my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — every social media sphere as possible — talking about this book! 
Here's my FIRST FAVORITE! — We'll get to see Eleanor cheer! We'll get to see her fly through the air! And do awesome tricks that I've been googling and studying all summer long.
SECOND FAVORITE! — The new world building for NEVERMORE! It's an awesome place now! 
My OTHER SECOND FAVORITE! — The real world setting (meaning the normal everyday world that Eleanor lives in before she gets to delve into the fantasy world of Nevermore) is — Pine Hills, South Carolina!
Picture Southern Gothic — drooping Spanish moss, ravens and crows, crumbling estates, lots of cemeteries, ghost stories and town legends, and Gothic architecture.
I don't know why setting this book somewhere was so hard for me the first go around when this atmosphere is nearly a skip and a hop away from my own backyard.
(Yes, I'm totally from the south! Born and raised. And I totally speak with a southern accent!)
The world of Pretty in Black is brand new and I'm over the moon in love with it.
If you want to get a sneak peek of what might be in store, and you like images, I invite you to check out the new Pretty in Black Pinterest board :)
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And if you're curious about how much the book has changed, here is a number visual:



INSANE, I know. :) :) :) 

In case you can't see the numbers above, it says

ORIGINAL : 52,872

NEW VERSION: 167,030 (it says it's 163 above, but this has changed since I wrote the post :)