I'm Spending Valentine's Day with Marcus and Ellie. Here are a few general updates.

This is going to be a very exciting year. SO far, it's off to an awesome start. 

My Lovely Betas are reading Pretty in Black (the NEW edition) and providing much needed feed back so I can get that book whipped into its final shape and  I'm currently rewriting Black Satin. I don't wanna sound like THAT WRITER (You know, the arrogant one?) but I love it and  the STEAMPUNK scenes are jumpin’. 

I'm just super proud of myself for sticking with this and seeing it through. Because I CAN DO THIS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! EVERMORE IS GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR. IT HAS TO. 


LOL you guys are hilarious! You definitely aren't offending me. I owned up to it. The book SUCKED and now it sucks less. Maybe I CAN write now. And I'm happy about that. 

And I'm pretty darn excited right now because my target audience is enjoying this new book that I've worked my butt off to create and this is a good sign. *HAPPY DANCE* 


I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my BETAS are done reading the book and I get it whipped into something closer to its final edition, I'm sending it out on another test run to a couple of my blogger/author friends :D 

Writing and producing awesome read-worthy novels takes time and I've learned that the magick doesn't truly emerge until the second or third draft and it gets even more magickal during the editing process.

I'm super uber determined to deliver an awesome series no matter what it takes.

Yeah, so I might've screwed up a few years ago because I was too young and naive at this to know any better, but now that I do, I'm gonna do better.

And while every now and then I feel like I'm falling behind while other authors are moving forward with their new books, I am beyond thrilled that I will finally be able to showcase my own writing skills and talents in a much better light, now that I've had about 4 years to ponder it and all, because writing is a craft, not a race; I'd rather have one really good book series than fifteen barely mediocre novels with my name slashed across the cover.

It's way too easy to fall prey to first level creativity when you're a novice, and that's pretty much what happened to me, but I don't want to be a victim, I just want to correct the issue and not emulate another popular series, especially since I have my own voice—and I've learned how to refine it.

So, this is where we're at.

Thank you for being so damn patient with me; it means everything.

I'll be honest and say that I don't have a cover designer, editor, agent, marketing/PR team, assistant, or anything LOL. I'm 100% solo, which means that yes, I am my own publisher. I am the whole team. So, #yolo

(But we will have new covers and they won't exactly suck!) And I'll probably throw a virtual party when this is all over and there will be digital cupcakes and shiny new books and giveaways.

Also noted:

Angela James, Harlequin's editorial director for the digital imprint Carina, made some spectacular publishing predictions that I LOVE!


Firstly, she says that she predicts that paranormal romance will “be back on the upswing.” Yes! YES! A thousand times YASSSS.

Vampires were never dead, they're only dormant.

Secondly, she predicts that longer and lengthy books will be more in demand this year because readers are wishing to spend more time with the characters they enjoy. I couldn't agree more! I am totally in the longer book camp and everything I'm writing is tripping over the 100,000 word count line.

And a third prediction she makes is that readers may begin to favor and/or seek out romances that deliver a fun-filled/enjoyable experience so they can add variety to the angsty over-the-top drama/meladrama books that have been more popular in previous years.

*Jumps up and down* I killed the angst! I killed the angst! I killed the angst! Someone give me a pink balloon.


Hahahaha, if she's right, then this means my crystal ball is working too. (Cackles) Because who has a combination of all three of these things in a 4 book series? I DO.

(And if anyone out there is wondering, yes, I have major ADD and I know I make it rather obvious, but here is an extra scoop of obviousness.)