Google Play is Bae—How to get your hands on Pretty in Black

Google Play™ is absolute Bae. 

And I've noticed that many of you have been having trouble getting your hands on the books in the Pretty in Black series. Allow me to explain how it works, in case you're not aware. 

As far as I know:

YES, right now the first book in the series is listed for FREE, but Google Play™ requires you to have a form of payment listed on your account—either a credit, debit, or gift card—before you can download any content, and they may or may not charge a small delivery fee. But other than that, you should have no trouble and should have a $0.00 charge. If you're experiencing issues with this, (and trust me, I understand how frustrating this can be) please contact Google Play™ and someone nice will help you, I promise. 

Now, for those of you who do not have Credit or Debit cards—I'm talking to you, my  ☆TEEN ☆ readers—there is another way! 

(I wrote the book FOR YOU so it would be a shame for you not to get your hands on it.)

If your Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Santa, whoever gave you money this year for Christmas or Holiday season, or if you have a birthday, allowance, or any special event coming up where you will be able to get your hands on some monies , or, even if you have a job but still don't have a credit/debit card—There are GOOGLE PLAY™ GIFT CARDS! 

I'm providing a link down below. Click on it and check it out! Find your country's specific information by pulling up the website, selecting where you live, and it will tell you WHERE to buy a gift card! I believe in most places, you can buy them online and in certain stores, depending on your area. 

Once you get the card, you can add it to your Google Play™ account, and voilà! You will now be able to read the book and its sequels if you wish. 



☆  I really hope this helps! ☆