I’m not going to lie.

I am deathly afraid you’re all going to HATE the new edition of the books. But maybe I’m being completely irrational.

Yes, some rereading will be required, but how can I even ask you to do that when some of you have been waiting for up to 4 years for Evermore and you just want to read THAT book?

The big question I’ve been getting asked via e-mail and messages is this: WHY did you rewrite the books?

This isn’t easy for me to answer, but I am going to try.

I’ve blogged about this once or twice, briefly, and you can check out those posts too after you read this one 



From 2011-2015, (I originally released PIB in 2011) I received a lot of ugly comments about the book, that it wasn’t any good and it was too much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or a Twilight Parody. I even received hate mail.

And for the longest time, I kept getting one stars and some people even took it as far as to e-mail and tell me my book was the worst thing ever, but they did so with not so nice words. It kept getting reviews that ridiculed it, ripped it apart.

I started to really, really hate it myself and I wanted to rip it apart.

And one night, I began wondering: Does everyone really hate it that bad? So I decided to test it out, (because I obviously like self torture) and I made it FREE on Google Play and Amazon so people I didn’t know could download it and tell me how much they hated it and why it should’ve never been written and why I should just quit writing and go hide underneath a rock in shame.

I didn’t even look at any of the reviews or ratings for the longest time, and I immediately began avoiding the internet and rewriting the books, breaking my butt off to figure out how to make this terrible thing I’d stupidly written better than it was. How could I deliver a more exciting story and allow the reader to know the characters and all the amazing things that a REAL book should have? I essentially set out to study my craft and become a better writer.

While the not so nice reviews stung like flesh wounds, it was Evermore that inspired the rewrite of the first three books. When writing that book, a lot of new twists and turns began happening that I didn’t expect and I learned a lot about the characters that I previously didn’t know. Essentially, I knew right away that the books simply weren’t going to match.

And so away I went, reconstructing this terrible little pathetic book series and crying into my cereal every morning.

And then . . . something crazy happened out of nowhere, and to this day


because I’ve been getting NOTHING but AMAZING reviews and ratings and comments and feedback and e-mails almost EVERY DAY from readers telling me they LOVE IT and want EVERMORE and they LOVE Marcus and Ellie and I am almost in a state of shock. How can this be? It certainly wasn’t that way before. Right now, I’m holding down an average of 3.7 on Google Play with 13,369 reviews and ratings last time I checked, the majority of them all being good or fair. And it's in over 150,000 hands, and that's only the FIRST book. 



And there’s even been mentions in reviews and comments and e-mails about readers really wanting it to become a movie and I’m over here holding my head with wide eyes, like what?!

Because while all of this was happening, Pretty in Black was already being rewritten.

I just felt like I had so much more to offer and more story to tell and that the original books weren’t good enough because I’d written them at a young age.

And now I feel like I’m going to completely disappoint everyone because I’ve rewritten the story.

The only thing I feel like I can do now is to stand up against the fear by having FAITH, something which I was lacking before, and follow my heart and instinct and trust that this will have a happy ending, or, I should say, a brand new beginning.

The new versions answer a LOT more questions about Marcus and Ellie, and what an Evermore really is and how all of that works. I’ve taken it to new levels and heights. YOU, the reader, will get to EXPERIENCE the story, instead of being told, THIS HAPPENS, and THEN THIS, AND THEN THAT.

 I personally LOVE it, and I guess we will see what everyone else thinks whenever I’m completely done with it and release it.