The Strix Mythology

In case you missed it, Ellie isn't a hunter anymore. Nope. She has a sparkly new character arc that I can't wait to talk about more, and I will, once I start posting the Nevermore world building.

I definitely needed a new story arc and a brand new and absolutely original world building, so I put myself to work to accomplish this by asking myself: What do I love? What can I bring to the literary table that's different/new?

I wanted a new vampire lore, something unseen before. Something unique.

I love Edgar Allan Poe. I love Greek Mythology.

Okay, okay, okay y'all, sooooo.

The more and more I wrote on this book series, the more and more I began to realize that I had this weird, strange, totally odd vampire-bird theme going on, thanks to my obsession with Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven from which the Evermores and the world of Nevermore was born.

Yes, vampires that were ravens and crows. Crazy! Right?

I thought so too!

But during the story, Marcus made a reveal that he was not a vampire and instead he had the misfortune of being a vampire-Evermore hybrid, which led me to the epiphany that the Evermores were not vampires.

Okay. SO what are they and how did they become Evermores? What's the story behind that?

Marcus and I decided that at some point, the Evermores used to be vampires, but, hating their existences, their leader rebirthed them into something else entirely.

(There's an entire story about how he created them into something new and different; I'll allow Marcus to explain all of that to you in the book when he's telling Eleanor about it for the first time.)

So, they became the Evermores—raven/crow shapeshifters who could heal people and keep them from dying. (But there's also limitations on that and stuff, all explained in the book.)

The Evermores shoved the real vampires (you know, the bad guys) into the shadow world where they became shadow people who've since been searching for ways to escape so they can drink blood. They, therefore, become the villains of the story. The antagonists. And cause Marcus a world of trouble because, you know, he has the misfortune of also being partly vampire and they're jealous that he's parading around Nevermore pretending to be good when he's really, really bad. They want to uprise and take down Nevermore.

Boom, Plot.

Okay, so, yeah. That was pretty cool, I thought. And it was working just fine up until today. Yes, on May 20, 2016 a brand new scene emerged wherein Eleanor came face-to-face with these shadow creatures who were once vampires. And guess what, folks? They do not look like all the other vampires that everyone else writes about. They are BIRD vampires. CROW people. Raven taloned and feather-fingered hands!

Like whaaaaaaat?!

I knew right away that what I was working with here was some sort of brand new vampire that'd never been seen before and I somehow needed an awesome legend/lore to back up my theories. I needed/wanted, more than anything, a new and original vampire mythology.


Now introducing to you: The Strix/Striges.



They are crow people! Vampire-bird creatures! It's a REAL thing. (Of mythology, of course.) I'm not crazy after all, and now I can back up my theories!

THIS IS ANOTHER KISMET MOMENT, PEOPLE. AND IT WORKS! It fits in PERFECTLY with my Edgar Allan Poe and Greek/Roman Mythology themed book series!


So when I say “vampire,” you say STRIX.

Vampire. STRIX!

Vampire. STRIX!

Vampires totally need to make a comeback, but I want to write about them in a totally wacky and original way. So here I go!

Marcus is an Evermore-Strix hybrid—the Strix being the vampire side of him. The Evermore is the angel side.

Aaaaand, a legend such as this would appear in the book The Volume of Forgotten Lore—a fictional book that Eleanor gets her little hands on that further explains the lore of Nevermore.

Ah! I love life!

2017, you're gonna rock my socks off. Can't wait!

We have NEW VILLAINS! And they reside in a place known as Night's Plutonian Shore.



About them: They Rule the Shadow World from their throne in an antechamber; anyone wishing to get access to the Shadow World will have to bypass them first. They are working for Grottos—who is the main villain.

Nightmare. Lenore. Ermengarde. Morella. Egaeus. Maillard. Thrasher. Nox Nocturne.

History: Marcus defeated Nightmare—the demon in the shadow box—during the Rubicon Crux nine months prior to the beginning of Pretty in Black. Nightmare was Lenore's bridegroom, and now she's seeking the ultimate revenge, or . . . so she thinks, until she realizes that she needs Eleanor instead.

Eleanor fights Lenore in Pretty in Black. Lenore is enraged that Marcus is a Strix pretending to be an Evermore. He still as The Thirst. He gets to taste the Red Gold while she and the others cannot. But worse for her is that if Marcus makes Ellie an Evermore, Lenore's plans for Eleanor will all be destroyed. She plots a way to separate them.


She gives him an ultimatum: Either join them in the Shadow World and set them all free, or the Shadow World and every Strix demon in it will Uprise and destroy Nevermore.

Lenore's thinks she wants to destroy Marcus's lover until she realizes before HE does that Ellie is a Parevermore and if they eat her heart, it can set them all free again. So she goes for Ellie, trying to get her to join their world.