Questions about Marcus and Ellie—The Christmas Edition!

I am still working on the Black Satin rewrites and in this book, it’s Christmas time. Near the end of it, Ellie and Marcus go ice skating! Did you know that before she became a cheerleader she liked to ice skate? I didn’t know that either until this year!

Here’s a little snippet:

Gliding backwards, I entered the figure skating stunt on the back outside edge, shooting airborne into a triple twist down, and then landing back into a perfect glide on the opposite foot. I coasted over to him, taking his hand into mine. “Don’t just stand there watching me,” I said. “Come on, you’ve gotta skate.”

But I can’t,” he said through an abashed laugh.

Yes you can. I’ve got you. I won’t let you fall or anything. Promise.” Taking his hands into mine, I skated slowly backwards and gently guided him forward.


And when I was on Pinterest earlier today, I found a lot of OTP questions! I decided to grab a few of my favorites and answer them on the blog for you! Here they are!

Marcus and Ellie!

A.K.A #Mellie


Which one bakes cookies and which one tries to steal the cookie dough?

  • Ellie is the one who bakes the cookies and has to keep smacking Marcus’s hand to make him stay out of the cookie dough!

Who takes longer to get ready?

  • Definitely Marcus! He has soooooo many accessories! Ellie would be ready before he would because he’d spend an hour trying to decide what to wear!

Who has the biggest wardrobe?

  • Marcus does! I think he has more clothes than Eleanor.

When ice skating, which one falls and which one tries to help the other one stay balanced?

  • Marcus would be the one falling and Ellie would be the one helping him stay upright while also showing off her mad ice skating skills!

Who sets up the Christmas lights and who gets the ladder?

  • Marcus puts up the Christmas lights while she watches, but then he’s the one who lifts Ellie so she can put the star on the top of the tree!

Who gets angry and tells little kids that Santa doesn’t exist?

  • That would be Marcus!

Who’s the cuddler?

  • Marcus is :)

Who makes the bed?

  • LOL, Marcus does.

Who wakes up first?

  • Marcus does.

Who kisses more roughly?

  • Of course it’s going to be Marcus.

Who stays up late reading and who falls asleep with their head on their shoulder/lap?

  • Eleanor would be the late night reader, and Marcus would be the one falling asleep beside her.

Who has the more complicated Starbucks order?

  • Totally Marcus! It would sound like this: Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.

Who wants kids and how many?

  • Marcus does! He wants like, ten probably. LOL

Who hogs the blankets?

  • Marcus is the blanket hog and pillow thief.

Who makes coffee for the other one every morning?

  • Marcus makes the coffee for Ellie.

Which one is ticklish?

  • Ellie is the ticklish one!

Which one sings and which plays the music?

  • Marcus is both the violin player and the singer!

Which one proposes?

  • Marcus pops the question.

Who wraps the Christmas presents horribly and has to get help from the other one?

  • Marcus cannot wrap presents LOL and Ellie would have to assist him in making the gift look presentable.

Who excitedly wakes up the other one on Christmas morning?

  • That would be Marcus, pouncing down on the bed to wake Ellie because she sleeps in late.

Who holds the mistletoe over the both of their heads?

  • Marcus would totally do this! I can see him placing mistletoe all over the house!

Which one spends the most money Christmas shopping?

  • Um, THAT would be a tie! They both love to shop!