So this happened . . .

Sune Rose Wagner, the male half of the incredible band The Raveonettes, emailed me on Christmas Eve! When I saw his name on the e-mail I squealed and jumped up and down, and then I thought I was dreaming and then I thought it was a cruel joke someone was playing on me because as you know, I am obsessed with this band, madly in love with them. 

Sune is extremely talented . . . basically a musical God in my opinion. His music is pure magick. Not only that, but he's super nice too. When I calmed down, I managed to e-mail him back and tell him about the Pretty in Black book series and how it was inspired by and named after his music and how I also named a character in the book after him, and I really tried not to fangirl too much. I got his reply on Christmas Day! I have his e-mail address and no you cannot have it! LOL. 

My love for them began in 2008 when I first head the song "Sad Transmission." Seriously, if you don't know who this band is, CLICK THE LINK BELOW. 


This is proof that there is magick in the world