Pretty in Black's Official Blurb

The New Blurb is here! 

However, the release date is not. I'm aiming to have this book out by October 1, 2016 though, along with the rest of them, but it's not official. 

VelveTEEN—a Teen Pulse Imprint will be publishing the new edition of this book and get ready guys, wait for it, wait for it . . . it's an estimated 640 pages. Yup. A nice word count floating somewhere between 160-200k. I'll post the final count before release day. 

Damn, some of you might say. That's tooooooo many words. 


I could decorate an entire wall or two in my house with the emails I've gotten from readers saying that my books are always too short and that they want MOOOOOOORE, especially from Pretty in Black and Marcus and Ellie. 

Be careful what you wish for! 

The Cover will be unveiled later this year. 

You can add the new version to your Goodreads Here


I could hear him calling for me—I felt him in my blood. The possibility that Marcus could be a vampire had never occurred to me. Why would it? Not when everything about him seemed so utterly and breathtakingly human.

From this darkly romantic world of raven and crow shapeshifters emerges a different take on the classic vampire.

Eleanor Piper never thought that the day her life almost ended would also be the day she found true love, but she’s a little more than used to her life being turbulent, especially ever since it has fallen apart.

Her sister was murdered, her parents divorced, and her boyfriend and best friend abandoned her when she needed them the most.

When she meets the mysterious and charming Marcus Marble in a cemetery, her life begins to change for the extraordinary. But unknown to her, this dark prince has descended from an Underworld and he is hiding the vampire that is inside because his kind—the Evermores—are never to indulge or partake of the red gold.

Determined to be with her, he finds himself walking on the edge of desire where every kiss could become a bite.

Enchanting her, he soon whisks her away to the world of Nevermore and her dreary life becomes dreamy, but she is about to discover that he is a vampire . . . with a burning desire to do anything to make her his.

Set in the southern Gothic town of Pine Hills, South Carolina, with the beautifully haunting backdrop of drooping Spanish moss and crumbling overgrown cemeteries, the world of reality and fantasy are about to collide, and Eleanor just might realize that the boundaries between life and death are closer than she ever imagined.  

 * * * 

The new version will be told in alternating POV with both Marcus and Eleanor as the narrators!