The Elevator Pitch for the Pretty in Black series

When the new books in the Pretty in Black series release, and Evermore, I will be posting the shorter versions of the blurbs on the sales page because readers need quick, bite size, snappy information that catches their attention, not epic paragraphs they have to sift through. So here goes, the loglines or "Elevator Pitch" style blurbs for all four books! 

Can't wait to use these! The only changes I'll probably make are swapping "A girl" and "A teenage girl" for "Eleanor" in the sequel loglines. 

The longer blurb will follow directly after, of course.

Pretty in Black: A teenage girl meets a vampire in a cemetery who saves her life.

Black Satin: In the sequel to Pretty in Black, a girl races against time to save the vampire she loves while fighting emerging feelings for the gargoyle who is helping her master newly discovered Parevermore powers.

Raven in the Grave: A girl and her immortal friends fight in a vampire battle, unaware that a war is awaiting them.

Evermore: A teenage girl marries her vampire sweetheart knowing that she may not get a happily ever-after, but she is determined to challenge, and possibly fight against, the odds.