Dear NOOK Readers

In case you haven't heard the news, and I quote 

Come 15 March, Barnes & Noble will be accelerating its digital retreat from the NOOK experiment, leaving customers with a week to salvage their purchased content.

I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but it basically means that my NOOK readers, if you want to keep the books you've already bought and downloaded, PLEASE SAVE YOUR CONTENT WHILE YOU CAN. 

You can read more about it here NOOK


Please SCREEN SHOT, if at all possible, your digital purchase receipt for the items you bought. If you bought Black Satin, Raven in the Grave, or the Pretty in Black Omnibus Edition, SCREEN SHOT THE RECEIPT. 

Why? Because there will be new editions of these books releasing soon and I do not want you to have to repay for them. I will personally replace all copies IF YOU HAVE A VALID PROOF OF PURCHASE STAMPED between 2015-2016. 

No receipt to e-mail? No book. 

You can black out any personal information, (credit card number stuff, etc.)  I've never seen a B&N or Nook receipt so I have no idea what it even looks like, but I'm going to assume logically that there is an e-mail or proof of purchase involved somewhere after one buys a digital book. 

I will not replace the Pretty in Black copies and this is only fair because a lot of them I've given away for free, but what I WILL DO is designate a 3-day time frame, announce it ahead of time, and allow readers from ALL DEVICES EVERYWHERE to download the NEW EDITION of Pretty in Black #1  for FREE, as I've already planned. 

SO I suppose this means you'll have to make a new device selection for your reading, or something. I'm not sure. 

But please make sure you grab that screen shot ASAP.