How to obtain the New Editions of Pretty in Black

For everyone who has e-mailed and asked, I've decided to write this post several months in advance so there will (hopefully) be zero confusion on release day about what's going on. I want everyone to be on the same page :) 




PAPERBACK—If you're on my mailing list, I will provide a discount code so you can snatch the new editions for a fraction of the cover price. (LIMITED TIME OFFER) 

GOOGLE PLAY—Y'all have zero worries! Google Play is SO AWESOME that once I upload the new edition, there will be an AUTOMATIC OVERRIDE. BOOM! 

NOOK—(March 11, 2016) PLEASE VISIT & READ THIS ARTICLE and THIS BLOG POST.  If it is no longer March, I hope you took a Screen Shot of your purchased content. If you DID, E-mail me the receipt (s) on release day. If not . . . there's really nothing I can do at this point. 

AMAZON—The update SHOULD appear and be available within a week via MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES on the dashboard underneath "Your Account." 

KOBO (still looking into it) I think Kobo also allows updates. When I find out how it works, I'll post that information here. 

Apple i-Books—Also will have update available. The update bar should appear beside the book and you'll be able to click and update as you would do an app. 

SMASHWORDS—Man, it's been a looooong time since I used Smashwords for distribution. I no longer publish there and I have maybe like 10 readers who I know bought copies from there between 2012-2013 and I know exactly who each of them are. E-mail me :) 

WATTPAD—The new editions will, unfortunately, not be posted on Wattpad. Original versions will remain for those who've enjoyed them and for those who wish to make comparisons for Creative Writing purposes. 

I will designate 3-days to allow FREE downloads of the new edition of  Pretty in Black #1, (which I'll announce in advance when those days will be) and then the new edition goes back on PAID. 

Thank you!