Because I'm repetitive and have no editive

Pretty in Black will be a brand new, re-imagined series by 2017, complete with detailed world-building and inventive settings to further distinguish it from the Twilight series, and it will re-branded and marketed as such—an originally envisioned Young Adult Paranormal Romance ¦ Dark Fantasy.


I am thrilled to have kept my favorite scenes from the original books so I could blend and remix them with never before seen content that will eradicate any and all Buffy the Vampire Slayer “similarities” while, interestingly, managing to keep all original elements from the original text. It has taken approximately a gazillion volts of brain-power and a thousand cups of tears to reframe my vision that my younger naive self established, incidentally, without realizing the repercussions of vitriol and digital hatemail—all of which I expressively appreciate as much as fanmail, if not increasingly more, for it has made me a much better writer.


And it will take time, and blood —if necessary — but I will not stop until I get where I desire to be with this series and make it all that it deserves to be. And I have time and blood, so here we go.


Evermore is being withheld from publication —until further notice — while Pretty in Black, Black Satin, and Raven in the Grave undergo major and significant rewrites.


It does not have a publication date. I do not know when it will be releasing. I will tell you as soon as I do.


To my Wonderful and Amazing Fans,


Thank you for supporting me and this series; I know this is a long and drawn out wait for Evermore, but I cannot apologize for making this decision for it is the most suitable for myself and all readers involved—currently and forthcoming.


Marcus Marble fans will appreciate the new edition— it is my gift to you!


Positioning myself as my own publisher and editor, I will release books with content and word counts that I deem necessary for both my readers and myself who are Marcus Marble and vampire starved.


Word Counts are expected to be as follows:


Pretty in Black: possibly clocking in at 188,000-200,000

Black Satin: will try to cap it off between 120,000 and 150,000 so we can get back to Marcus Marble as soon as possible (ahahaha, inside joke between me and an amazing blogger/author friend of mine; she knows who she is!)

Raven in the Grave: 150,000 (if at all possible)

Evermore: 200,000 or +


Which means that it will surpass the Twilight series word counts.




When romance joins fantasy, we (writers) must have thorough relationship building and fantastical world-building to justify our fictional worlds or else we are accused of insta-LURV and/or lack-luster imaginations from the literary police which means I have big literary shoes to fill and thus walk in— albeit—I am opening new possibilities of being verbally arrested for which I am excited! Because I am armed with love for my stories and my characters which I didn't have (like this) until now.


And before anyone (who is not already fangirling or fanboying at the new word counts) has a freaking cow (LOL), allow it to be noted that Simon & Schuster published Anna Todd's After series—a contemporary New Adult Romance—with these word counts:


(Roughly Guesstimated)


After: 188,000

After We Collided: 200,000

After We Fell: 245,000


When taking in consideration the amount of fanmail I have received asking for more Pretty in Black, I have taken an educated guess that it will be viewed by my fans as more than okay to do the same with my vampire romance/fantasy series.


Raises glass in toast to Anna Todd and S&S for setting a new precedent. Lets do this shit—


Which—ding, ding, ding—higher word counts could become a new trend if authors are willing and/or capable to break the word count rules which modern publication standards have set in place.


Asides from praying, hoping, dreaming that my readers/fans don't blast me with WTF or GTFO messages upon republication of this series, I have no specific reason to reel in the word count because


  1. as my own publisher, I am taking a chance on myself

  2. Hello, e-books! I will not have to worry about retaining shelf-space or breaking spines, and when creating paperbacks, I will creatively squeeze it all in somehow or complain, beg, pray that my POD service gives me higher page counts and cheaper printing prices per book.


Not all books need such extensive word counts, but some books DO for REASONS.


Ahem, —vampires, romance, fantasy, —YES PLEASE give me MOOOOORE.


A book is a book is a book is a book . . . but I don't want to create a book; I want to create a world, and hopefully deliver a fulfilling experience.


In closing, I extend my everlasting gratitude to my fanbase and readership for their ongoing support and encouragement because I could not do this without YOU, dear readers.


Yours, eternally,

Rae Hachton


PS: Heres to Marcellie or Mellie (whichever you prefer) being the OTP of your ship.