We're at the halfway mark!

We're at the halfway mark on the Black Satin rewrites! 

I'm aiming for 120,000, and although it may go up and be more words than that, at least I know I'm halfway there and not only that, but this rewrite has already surpassed the original word count of 56, 423. 

60371 / 120000 words. 50% done!

The quicker I get these rewrites done and on the editing desk, the quicker I can fly through my outline of Raven in the Grave in April which means I can knock out a quick rewrite of Evermore in May

If everything goes well, and I do mean everything, and I get to have 5 glorious months of hardcore formatting and editing after May, we could get a November 2 release date on EVERYTHING. 

I'll do my best, but I won't rush it. And I'll keep you updated as promised.