Run Mascara Run

THE RAVEONETTES are making MORE MUSIC! NEW TUNES! And as you know, The Raveonettes are my FAVORITE FAVORITE Band. There's simply no other band on the planet as amazing as they are—Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner. 

They inspired the Pretty in Black series, (And three of the book titles and Walter's middle and last name, haha) and they've inspired MY LIFE. So you HAVE to listen to this new song! It is EVERYTHING GOOD. I've listened to it like a hundred times already. 

I've yet to go to one of their concerts—I MUST DO THIS BEFORE I DIE!!—and I want to go soooooo badly! Their music is LIFE. 

On a different note, my mascara probably would be running right now if I was wearing any because I'm trying to get back into Black Satin after a short hiatus and getting there isn't exactly easy. I'm having to force myself to write words so I can reach the goal of completing this rewrite which should've been completed last month. Sigh. 

The GOOD news is that this book is gonna be 10x as better than it originally was, and for that, I am ecstatic. 

So I just wanted to let you know that my favorite band in the entire world is making new music, and that I'm still here, wrestling with myself to see the new versions of the Pretty in Black novels through to completion. I hope that in my next post on my blog I can squeal that I've finally completed the first draft of the new Black Satin Manuscript, because that definitely needs to happen.