Update on Black Satin's Progress

Picture from Pixabay—Free of Copyright. CC0 Public Domain 

Picture from Pixabay—Free of Copyright. CC0 Public Domain 

Update on Black Satin’s Progress


Okay, so here is the uber crazy part:


In one document, I have a total of 81, 251 words; some of those scenes are completed, and others aren’t because I can’t write a book unless I write it out of order. The majority of my process (because I have ADD) involves me hopping, skipping, and jumping around my Manuscript and writing parts of different scenes in quick bursts and then returning to them later to complete them and flesh them out. I usually start with what I call my “Candy Bar” scenes, the ones I’m dying to write first. Which more often than not are the romance/kissing scenes! But in Black Satin it was the Steampunk scenes!!


And all of the fantasy elements. Oh, and I’m having loads of fun figuring out how to describe my gargoyles and such because like, there aren’t that many gargoyle books out there, especially in YA. (At least I don’t think? I couldn’t find many.)


There are lots of vampire books and myths in circulation, which can serve as reference points, but gargoyles? I couldn’t find any mythologies on them really which is a GOOD thing because now I can be as inventive with it as I want! The sky’s the limit.


The thing I love the most about this book is the gargoyles, most definitely, and then the new world building for the Land of Naught. I love how it’s different than Nevermore—which is stuck in the medieval/dark ages—they use candles, no electricity, etc—but the Land of Naught and the gargoyles have clockwork and gadgets! Still dark, but awesome in an entirely different way.


Wow, okay, so I just went totally off tangent here. Back to the point I was trying to make.


I have 81, 251 words in one document and in another, there are approximately—give or take 10 or 12k—49, 634 words, all of which are scenes lifted straight out of the original that I am (mostly) keeping.


So . . . technically, I have reached my word count and my work is cut out for me. Complete all the scenes in document #1 and blend and mix them with the scenes in document #2.


Sounds easy enough. If I can get my ADD to comply. I have about a week and a day and I really wanna finish the rewrites of this book by the end of March. If I can keep my butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard, I know I can do this.


But it looks like the Manuscript is going to surpass the cap of 120,000 words after all. Giving a guesstimation, I’d say it might bounce closer to 160,000.