I'm Finalizing Pretty in Black!


Hey. I haven't posted anything in a little while because I had something funky going on with my left eye. I had to go see a Retina specialists and everything, but the good news is that I think I'm going to be okay. I was told that it's a possible infection/inflammation thing, but I have an MRI on Friday just to double check everything and if that goes well, then I'm all set. 

The even BETTER news is that I'm finalizing Pretty in Black this week so I can finally get those proofs I've been waiting for!

(I'll be so damn happy when I have the printed galley in my hands so I can line edit and then send it to the printer.)

What this means: I will make sure there's nothing else left to say (and there SHOULDN'T BE because I've said PLENTY LOL!) and double check that all the chapters/scenes/etc are in place and there are no more glaring mistakes or continuity errors. I will print the book exactly the way it'll look in paperback form on the page, and then edit it for a final time, line by line, checking for pace and exact wording, etc. I'll correct any issues I find, then it'll be headed out to be formatted for e-book and bound in paperback form. 

Can't wait to hold the paperback version in my hands and cuddle it and take pictures of it and post them everywhere!

I also can't wait to share with you the final word count. I'm telling ya, it's gonna be a whopper of a book. 

I also can't believe this is REALLY happening and that I am the creator of this book series. It's soooooo much better (and different in a lot of good and surprising ways) than the original.


Eleanor's reaction upon hearing the news:

And Marcus's Reaction:


The Original Marcus had me like:

The NEW Marcus Marble has me like: 

And the NEW WORLD BUILDING makes me wanna: 


I’m almost done with the new Black Satin draft (a few more chapters to go) and I've already started working on Raven in the Grave. I’m only a few days behind the finish line because I had to pause to gather my World Building notes and begin composing the World of Nevermore world guide; things were getting complicated and I needed a way to keep everything straight so I know what’s what. This is gonna make everything so much easier for me now. Once I get started again, the Raven in the Grave rewrites are gonna be a breeze; the outline is printed and ready to go. I should be able to continue with the rewrites on the third book by early July and if not, then I’ll just bump it to August and keep on rollin’.


Last year, in April 2015, I woke up in the middle of the night with a voice screaming in my head to rewrite my book series. The whole thing. I accepted the challenge without questions. And lemme tell you, I CRIED. I cried because I knew I NEEDED to do this, and I cried because I had NO IDEA HOW to do it. And that set off a chain of epic writing/researching events. I've spent several months working on this book series, deconstructing it and then putting it back together again. There isn't hardly a single day that has gone by in the last 12 months that I haven't been writing or rewriting or studying HOW to write something. I've purchased new books on technique and skill and spent weeks teaching myself new things. It's been a fun and turbulent journey. 

I've been working on Pretty in Black for a little over a year now. I had to rewrite several of the chapters up to ten times. I had to keep going back and adding layer upon layer of detail either to the character development, atmosphere, setting,  etc. I had to invent a new plot line for the series, and a new character ARC for not only Eleanor, but also Marcus, and I had the fun challenge of figuring out how this plot line would make the story THE SAME as the original but DIFFERENT and NEW. at the same time. I know that sounds wonky, but trust me. you'll get it. It will MAKE. SENSE. 

I knew right away that I couldn't just go in and start changing stuff at random because I didn't want you reading an entirely different book series than the one you've already read. I feared everyday that the personalities of my characters would suddenly change and that I wouldn't be able to recapture their voices or bring my new vision to life. 

It was excruciatingly hard to pull off. 

But I made it. I built a world. 

And let me tell you how I made it. I made it because Marcus and Ellie are the most amazing book characters an author could ever have and I'm so damn proud that they are mine. I LOVE them, megatons, and I am going to FIGHT LIKE HELL for them and their story because they deserve it. When I told them I was rewriting this book, they didn't groan or complain or throw a fit. They showed up and KILLED IT. They started talking to me like they've never talked before and keeping me up at night with conversation after conversation. They have totally blew me away with their enthusiasm. And their voices that I worried about? They're the same! They didn't go away; they've only gotten stronger, more clear. 

I made it because I have an AMAZING support team. My grandmother encourages me every damn day. She is the BEST. She's the reason that I AM a writer. She has always encouraged my dream when other people told me it was stupid and unrealistic. 

And I made it because of YOU. I have THE BEST readers in the world and I love them all. Not just the ones who like my work, but even the ones who hate it. The nastiest reviews have helped me the most. And all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone. 

I'm not quite there yet. I still have to complete Black Satin and Raven in the Grave, edit and polish them to near perfection, and then rewrite Evermore. But I'm ALMOST there. 

(I'm saying almost because I'm two books down, with only two to go. Black Satin has already been rewritten, minus a few chapters that I will write and attach later.)

And knowing that I'm ALMOST at the finish line? THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING. 

The only feeling better than this is the one I will have when all four books are finally out there.