I'm off on another adventure

Hey, so life is throwing me another curve-ball, y'all.

This has been an extremely turbulent year full of twists and turns, and the only way through it is just to go straight through it. The game isn't over. I'm not going into specific details about this, because this isn't meant to be a sad post, but to give a quick overview:

Everything I own is going in a box. Well, lots of boxes, but I'm having to box it all up. For a summary, I won't be homeless—I have family and for that, I am grateful—but I will be houseless.

But the books are still coming! Oh nooooo way am I going to cave in, freak out, or cry. (Okay, so I cried a little.)

I'm not giving up on being an author. Ever.

I told myself I would do (almost) anything and everything that it took to have this career, and well, this is that anything/everything. It's like the Universe is saying, “Oh, yeah. Anything? How strong are you? How willing? How badly do you want this?”

As badly as I want and NEED to breathe. That's how badly. I chose this career path when I was twelve years old and I'm not stopping now. I've come too far to quit.

This is life and sometimes things just happen. But nothing lasts forever, especially the “bad” stuff.

But I don't see this as a bad thing; I see it as an amazing opportunity. If there's ever been a time to work my ass off, it's right now, at this very moment.

In fact, I am pretty damn sure that we will get to see the brand new edition of Pretty in Black #1 in August!


I am starting over. With Everything.

This is a brand new beginning in and of itself. I will be taking down Black Satin and Raven in the Grave, but only temporarily.


So that way there won't be any confusion about the books. (I don't want you buying the original book #2 in the series that doesn't match the brand new version of Pretty in Black.)

I had to make a decision whether to hold off on releasing Pretty in Black until the other books were completed, or releasing it now.

I choose to release it now because I know how badly you want to read it, and since you've been patiently waiting for Evermore, I cannot bring myself to hold this book back from you because that's just cruel.

This is my new plan:

The books will follow in order, one by one, as though I am publishing them for the first time.

I will be writing and then publishing the books just as soon as they are edited and readable.

I'm shooting for sometime in August with the first book in the Pretty in Black series.

Black satin will follow shortly after—maybe October or November, depending.

These are much longer books than the originals and there's a lot more world building and extra puzzle pieces to the plot. So, the spaces between the book releases will give everyone time to get caught up on what's going on in the series and get reacquainted with the story world, and the slew of new characters, before the much awaited finale—Evermore—debuts, which will be next year!

And if you've already downloaded any of the original editions, I will walk you through how to go about getting the updated versions if you're not sure. I will compose a blog post with those specific details soon.

Okay, so I'm headed back to the writing cave so I can finish off these last few chapters, and then name them, and then zip off this book to my beta readers for test reading.

Can't wait to officially announce the final word count, the number of pages, and the release date.

The book will be releasing in both paperback and e-book edition too!