A Xoddo LURV story <3 + I'm on VINE! + I #amwriting Today! Yay!


BLOO was a sad monster toy thing, because he had three eyes and people monsters made fun of him. They called him BOO EYED BLOO. His life was lonely.

And then he met LEMONAID.

She was the girl who wore her pink heart on her chest. Her smile was bright, and she brought sun into his life. Filled him with sooooo much happiness. And on that day, the day they met, he gazed at the lovely creature in front of him with all three of his eyes—both orange ones and his blue one—and for the first time in his life, he was grateful he had three eyes, you see, because two eyes simply wouldn't've been enough for him to regard such a beauty. 

He knew why her name was lemonaid. Everything made sense to him. He was no longer Blue and Melancholy. He learned that she, too, had been through a lot, but together they were impossibly happy. 

He asked her to be his special somebody, and then he kissed her. And so their love story began. 

2014-02-16 07.14.56.jpg

HERE's THE KISSING SCENE!! cuuuuuteness. <3

YESSS! I'm on VINE! 

& I intend to post my stop-motion shenanigans there :) PLUS other things too! You can find me



And now, I am aiming to do some writing. I'm not sure how much I will get done today, but we shall see!