Hi! Welcome to my page! My name is Eleanor Piper. My mom calls me El, my friends call me Ellie, and Coach Faulk calls me Ello.

I live in Pine Hills, South Carolina and I’m the head flyer for the Pine Hills High Black Ravens cheerleading squad. Luckily, I’m 5’4” or I might’ve had to be a base or a tumbler! I LOVE flying! I might be short, but my basket tosses are high.

My boyfriend doesn’t mind. He’s really tall, like 6 feet! We have to work things out a little when we kiss and stuff, LOL, but seriously, it’s no problem. I’m seventeen, he’s nineteen, he’s . . . amazing. We met in a cemetery and I still can’t stop thinking about that day. (Dreamy sigh.)

I’m really excited this year because if we win Regionals, our squad has a great chance at qualifying for VCA Nationals. I’ve dreamed about competing in the Varsity Cheerleaders Association National Competition ever since I made JV. I’m a varsity Lady Raven now! And not to brag or anything, but we’re gonna BRING IT.

Um, if the Northridge Black Cats from Northridge Virginia are reading this, be afraid, be very very afraid. That National title is OURS.

My favorite color is pink. Can you tell?! And my favorite magazine is TEEN RAGE. I like making weird collages out of magazine clippings.

I think the best band in the entire world is THE RAVEONETTES, and I might be a little obsessed with Poe, LOL. Just a smidge bit. I have the entire squad practicing one of our routines to Lady Poetic’s Alone rap which you can listen to in the side bar.

What else do you need to know about me? Oh!—My birthday is November 2, in case, y’know, you ever wanna wish me a happy birthday or send me presents, haha!

If you wanna know anything else, just ask :)

This is pictures of my boyfriend, Marcus Marble 😍 💕

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