Evermore (Pretty in Black #4) 

This was it. This was the moment I’d been waiting for, dreaming of. To belong to Marcus Marble for always. The world faded out as I took those last few steps towards my heart, my soul, my new beginning. I had made it, we had made it, and as he took my hand into his, I knew there was no turning back. I wouldn’t want to. What I was exchanging to be with him, there was no comparison. This was exactly where I belonged.
— Eleanor Piper

I was made to rule the darkness.

I'd dreamed of becoming his vampire. When faced with death, in the last few moments of one's life, how is it possible to dream of something so beautiful that no reality, no matter how grand, would ever replace it?

In Raven in the Grave, Marcus and Eleanor were crowned Dark Prince and Princess of Nevermore, a dream come true for the two fated lovers. It was supposed to be the beginning of their dark fairytale.

Now that Ellie has made her decision to marry Marcus and become a full Evermore, a shocking revelation threatens to destroy everything they've fought for. Her mortality stands in their way. What if she cannot become immortal? What if an event, far worse than any of them ever anticipated, shatters their world irreversibly?

One last decision will have to be made: Marcus Marble must become a monster in order to destroy one.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain—the consequences will be everlasting.

This is Forever.