Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1)



Glittering white-feathered wings expanded from his back and fluttered on the air.

This sight of him was less frightening than before, more gentle. He looked like a dark angel.
An ember of silver light environed the edges of his large wings in a frost white halo.
He closed his eyes and rubbed his lips together, slightly tilting his head back as I brushed my fingers ever so softly over his wings. They felt like velvet. 
“Do you feel it when I touch them?” I asked. 
“Yes,” he whispered. “A tiny shiver trills through the tips and trembles all the way down the angel-bones.”
His wings quivered underneath my fingertips, the shudder fluttering through me too.
“Are you afraid?”
I lifted my hand to his face and stroked the beautiful angle of his jaw. “I trust you.”

* * * 

Fantasy and reality collide when cheerleader Eleanor Piper encounters the unearthly Marcus Marble in a cemetery at sundown and discovers he’s an angel-demon hybrid . . . and eternally teenage. Can love truly be forever?


Seventeen year old Eleanor Piper was supposed to die that day. She was sure of it. Only . . . she didn't. Somehow, she awakens in the cemetery at midnight where she awkwardly meets an unusual stranger whom she ends up foolishly kissing a few bantering minutes later.

What begins as a fun and quirky romance eventually grows into burning devotion as he peels apart her layers, discovering the heartbreaking secret of why she sleeps in cemeteries at night instead of going home, and he reveals to her that he is an Evermore-Strix hybrid who could go dark at any second.

As they slowly begin to trust each other, and he finally trusts himself with her, he whisks her away to the World of Nevermore—a world of gothic castles, immortal knights, and a long history of angel-demon wars with the Nightly Shore Court on which a menagerie of bloodthirsty Strix monsters reign, determined to do anything in their power to take over Nevermore.

But just when Eleanor and Marcus feel like their dead hearts are beginning to heal, their haunting pasts— the nightmares which ultimately led them to each other—return and threaten to rip them apart.

Set in the southern Gothic town of Pine Hills, South Carolina, with the beautifully haunting backdrop of drooping Spanish moss and crumbling overgrown cemeteries, the world of reality and fantasy are about to collide, and Eleanor just might realize that the boundaries between life and death are closer than she ever imagined.

From this darkly romantic world of raven and crow shapeshifters inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Greek-Roman mythology, emerges a different take on the classic vampire.

RATED MATURE: A cross between YA and New Adult recommended for 17+ years old and up due to depictions of self-harm, mild violence, and lots of sexy kissing.

What Readers are saying . . .

“Pretty in Black is a beautiful Gothic love story. Hachton puts a unique twist on vampires, creating an original paranormal story, which can be hard to find in today’s market.”—YA Novelties

“This is a hauntingly beautiful novel and a promising start to an exciting new series. I loved the dark and Gothic feel of everything in the story. I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here! Very highly recommended!!”—Stephanie Ward A Dream Within A Dream

“Pretty In Black is an exceptional re-imaging of Poe’s dark tales. What more could an avid reader of Gothic Romance ask for, when I’m given twice the darkness and twice the passion.” —Shane Morgan Itching For Books

“Pretty In Black is a dark young adult book but that is not it. It is emotional, it is raw, it is deep and most of all, it is bittersweet.”—Sana Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile

“I adore Marcus Marble. He is a beautiful character that wears his heart on his sleeve.”—Novels on the Run

“She met Marcus and I thought, whoa, this guy is special. Seemingly the epitome of a vampire...But the two of them, to me, was like picturing the Gothic prince and princess come to life.”—Liz Fictional Candy

“This book had a dark, edgy lyrical feel to it. It flowed with a rhythmic charm. The concept was a fresh, unique twist on the traditional vampire theme. There was an echo of Twilight meets Romeo & Juliet meets Hunger Games (Meaning the tough fighter chick) but Pretty In Black is all its own.”—Michelle C. Jordan

Early Beta Readers:

Horrifyingly Romantic! —Amber G.

The raven demon and his cemetery girl. Awwww! I was blown away!—Samantha R.

Their love is the kind of love you'd bleed for. —Ashley M.

The setting is absolutely stunning and I really felt like I was there, living inside the book.—Shelley P.

Readers Worldwide

I loved this book. Such a romantic story, I couldn't stop reading it! —Lesha T.

I love it! This is the type of story that leaves you wanting more and fall in love with the characters in it. —Belliana B.

I adore this book. It really got me into reading books.—Malka G.

I loved it!!! It reminded me of Twilight but darker! Awesome read!!!!—Kadee S.

Beautiful romance. I loved it. It's a very nice Gothic romance book. I fell in love with all the details. I could picture Marcus and Ellie together. Its a good book. 100 out of 5 stars!!!—Sammie D.

Fascinating ♥♥♥♥♥ Oh! God I just love this book. By reading only the first chapter I got addicted to it.—Reevani R.

Best vampire love story I have ever read!! It only took me 4 days to read the whole book as I couldn't put it down! You have to read it to believe it! —Emma C.

I can't even describe my excitement!—Symiah D.

I love this. I'm not a reading person but this book got me reading it's a really good book. —Breanna M.

I'm a Fan. More please. I fell in love with the book. I love the twist of the story.—Kerima R.  

Very entertaining. Makes you wish you were Ellie Piper. —Patricia D.