OKAY! I am posting a few Pretty in Black TEASERS here, BUUUUUT, I am saving all the REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOD STUFF—Y'know, the parts where Eleanor discovers Marcus has wings and she gets to kiss him a whole lot and all that? 😍—FOR THE BOOK. I want you to experience THAT stuff while reading it! 💕

Here are a few clips from NEVER BEFORE SEEN scenes that I think you might like! Just so you get a little taste of what you can expect from the NEW books! 


MARCUS (He's leaned against the bathroom door while she's taking a shower, LOL)  

I banged my head against the door.

Man, I was all about this girl. What had she done to me?

The door clicked open behind me and I fell back onto my elbows, gazing up at her. She tightened the yellow towel underneath her arms and jumped back with a gasp. “I didn’t know you were sitting here.”

She gazed down at me and I grinned, absorbed by how gorgeous she was. Her wet tousled red hair made her look a little wild. And oh so kissable.

“Can you move please?”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” I pressed myself to my feet and stepped out of the way. She slid past me in the incredibly small hallway and it took every ounce of self discipline not to jerk that towel away or just reach out and touch her or shove her against the wall and—

Damn, she smelled really good—like tropical coconut and pink sugar.

I tossed my head back with a tormented groan and asked the dark ceiling for strength.

She shivered as she walked with a towel wrapped around her, back to her room. I could warm her up, definitely.

Don’t follow Eleanor to her room. Stay where you are.

I followed her to the doorway and propped against the frame. “May I come in?”

Please say no. Please say no and close the door in my face.

She glanced back with a smile. “Yeah, sure.”

How does that saying go? Lead me not into temptation? Nah, I’d never heard anything like that before in my life. She could lead me wherever she wanted me to go and I’d eagerly follow.

I grinned as I stepped through the doorway. Of course she was going to let me come in because it gave her a perfect opportunity to tease me some more, and of course I was going to gladly enter her room and enjoy every agonizing minute of it.


MARCUS (From one of their date scenes 😍)

“Are you going to tell me why you’re taking me to Charleston?”

“Not at all. But I’ll show you once we get there.”

“Okay.” She pointed her pen at me as she spoke. “So were you born here in South Carolina? It’d be something nice to know now since we’re dating and all.”

Had I heard correctly?

I perked up with a bright smile and looked over at her. “Oh, so we’re dating?” I asked, for my own affirmation.

“I mean . . . we’re on a date,” she quickly amended. “We’re not dating, like . . . boyfriend and girlfriend.”

But I wanted to.

My hope didn’t deflate at all. “I see,” I answered vaguely to keep her from knowing my thoughts. Perhaps she’d reveal more.

Her expression changed three times, brow creased and then eyes shifted as she tried to figure out what to say next. “Not that I wouldn’t wanna be your—”

“—Lover?” I interrupted with an eyebrow raise.

Her face flushed pink and she squirmed in her seat, smoothing the ends of her skirt. “I swear. If I wasn’t in a moving vehicle, I would escape from you right now.”

I swept my eyes over her. “I wouldn’t let you go very far. You know that, right?”



At night, I dream of flying. At a late night pep rally, my bases launch me up! I soar through the air. The crowd cheers as I spin into a blur of purple and black on the spiraling twist down.

Only . . . this time, as I am rising toward the rafters, trance-like fog spills from all corners of the gymnasium, rolling with a hypnotic slowness and blurring the bleachers.

At the peak of the basket toss, time stands impossibly still. And in this slow motion dream, wings expand open behind my back and the gymnasium below morphs into a dark castle, ornately tapered spires peeking through purple clouds. The foggy air turns into a pale violet night sky, and the rafter lights break into twinkling silver stars. Up here, there is no need for gravity. Everything is silent and beautiful and dark and I am drifting along the heavens on a wintry night glide. 



His sword swerved in for mine and I quickly retaliated, batting the blade aside, and, with a flying back around move, I posed the sword, ready to strike from overhead.

With a flick of his wrist and a movement too quick for me to catch, his blade connected with the armored plate of my chest.

“Botta Secreta,” he said, uttering in a language that sounded foreign to me.

“Uh, say whatta?” I asked as he retracted his sword.

He grinned. “My secret attacking technique. Every master has at least one.”

Yeah, and yours is unlacing your shirt and being sweetly distracting on purpose. 

Okaaaay, so that's all for now 😃 You can always check back later for Black Satin or Raven in the Grave Teasers. Te-he.