On the day of her death, a seventeen year old cheerleader meets a vampire in the cemetery who saves her life. 


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In the sequel to Pretty in Black, Eleanor races against time to save the vampire she loves while fighting her attraction for the gargoyle who is helping her master newly discovered Parevermore powers.


Eleanor and her immortal friends fight in a battle against the Nightly Shore Court, unaware that an even bigger war is looming.

Eleanor marries her vampire sweetheart knowing that she may not get a happily ever-after, but she is determined to challenge, and possibly fight against, the odds.


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from the author

November 2011

Pretty in Black is the first book in the Gothic Romance series. The story behind how the series came to be is just as haunting as the story itself. The idea came to me late one night in March 2011 while I was hanging out in an old cemetery with some friends, on a Ghost Hunt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of an apparition. Sitting on top of a grave, were two lovers— a guy and a girl. I watched their interactions with one another and immediately, I wanted to know two things: What were they doing in this cemetery so late at night and Why did their embrace look so tragic?

They were leaned against the stone, in their own little world. And to this day, I still do not know if they were real or not, but they became the characters of this story. I remember the ride home clearly. I was intrigued. I sat in the backseat, writing notes to myself on my phone about what I’d just witnessed. Two days later, I began writing the story. It just hit me. And after hearing My Time’s Up by The Raveonettes—a song off their album Raven in the Grave—the rest of the story just fell into place.

Marcus Marble began as a regular dead guy. I never really liked vampires, but a daydream I had back in high school led me to the idea of creating the Evermore. Vampires who can come out in the sunlight, have no desire to drink blood, and are warm to the touch.

Edgar Allan Poe also played a major role in the creation of the dark worlds of Nevermore and The Land of Naught. Pretty in Black is just the beginning. Enjoy!

—Rae Hachton



November 2016

On Pretty in Black, re-imagined.

I began writing at a relatively young age when I had minimal skills and was unaware of how to write a book, and in 2011, clueless to what I was doing, I uploaded that book to the internet—a book which was equally hated and loved for vastly different reasons. With enthusiasm, I quickly followed up with the sequels in 2012. I was excited! This was all new to me. I was doing what I’d always dreamed of doing—writing! I was an author, a real author.

Only . . . I wasn’t. And, eventually, my enthusiasm plummeted where it remained for the next two and a half years, during which I silently wrote other books without having the confidence to promote them, and also began writing Evermore, the final book in the Pretty in Black series.

I knew the series wasn’t finished and deep down, I knew it wasn’t very good, and although I didn’t know how to fix it, I knew that it had potential and I never stopped believing in it.

And then . . . in the early Spring of 2015, I awakened in the middle of the night from a very vivid dream where I was standing underneath a dark and dreamy green canopy of trees drooping with gloomy Spanish moss—a setting which would later become Oak Grove. I can still hear the chilling caw of the crows as they swarmed overhead.

Suddenly, I had so much clarity about this world and everyone and everything in it which I hadn’t had before. And it was in that moment I knew that I needed to rewrite it. And thus began a new adventure.

I have revamped and remixed the book, merging my favorite original scenes with never before seen content. There are brand new scenes and brand new world building. I enjoyed falling in love with these characters again, experiencing this world as though for a first time. I’ve learned exciting new things about Marcus and Eleanor which I did not know before agreeing to go on this rewriting escapade.

Thank you to every one of you who allowed me to experiment and make mistakes, and thank you so, so much to those of you who never realized the difference. This wouldn’t’ve been possible without you.

Pretty in Black has a brand new beginning, and whether you’re reading it for the first or second time, Enjoy!